Aldi Talk lures with free data volume, but users must take action

Aldi Talk is one of the best-known mobile discounters in Germany. Now the provider is launching a promotion in which customers get 3 GB of data volume for free. But to benefit from the free data volume, they have to take action.

The promotion at Aldi Talk runs from September 22 to November 22, 2021. During this time, all customers with an allnet flat rate or a music package from Aldi Talk can add free data volume to their rate plan. How exactly this works is revealed by atechbook.

Free data volume only via Aldi Talk app

To be able to participate in the promotion at all, customers need the Aldi Talk app (for Android and iOS). This is the only way to book the additional data package at no extra charge. The data package has a size of 3 GB and can be activated at any time. However, it is only valid as long as the currently booked prepaid rate is valid. It is therefore best for customers to book the free data volume right at the start of the promotion and then each time they reactivate their Aldi Talk rate plan each month. Then they can use it for the full term of 28 days.

The additional data can be booked via the app until November 22. This means that the free 3 GB can be activated up to three times during the promotional period. Aldi Talk users first use up the free data volume before touching the regular data volume included in the rate plan.

The promotion can be used in these rates

The mobile discounter is targeting both new and existing customers with its promotion. The free data volume can be booked by all customers who have booked a combination package with allnet flat rate or a music package from Aldi Talk. So these are the following prepaid rates:

Package S Package M Package L Music package M Music package L
Price 7.99 euros
per 28 days
12.99 euros
per 28 days
17.99 euros
per 28 days
9,99 Euro
per 28 days
14,99 Euro
per 28 days
Telephony and SMS Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate
Internet 3 GB
(25 / 10 MBit/s)
6 GB
(25 / 10 MBit/s)
12 GB
(25 / 10 MBit/s)
2 GB
(25 / 10 MBit/s)
5 GB
(25 / 10 MBit/s)
Extras Music flat rate from Napster Music flat rate from Napster

All rates have a term of 28 days and are implemented in the O2 network. Billing is on a prepaid basis, so customers do not have to enter a bank account and can top up their credit via vouchers, which are available at Aldi checkouts. The Aldi Talk starter set is currently available for €9.99, with €10 in credit already added. The package contains the basic rate, to which the above-mentioned rate options can be flexibly added. Without the package, calls to other Aldi Talk customers cost 3 cents per minute and text message, and 11 cents to all other networks.


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