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Deutsche Telekom significantly upgrades prepaid rates

Telekom is relaunching its prepaid rates. The company announced that the individual packages will get more performance and some will remain unchanged in price. atechbook presents the new prepaid offers.

Those who want to get a new cell phone contract have a lot of choice. One of the most popular providers is Telekom with its well-developed network. The company has now announced that the so-called MagentaMobil prepaid rates will change from May 17, 2022. Basically, all models from S to XL will get an upgrade in data volume. In terms of price, it will also remain almost the same. Only one model will see an increase in the monthly discount.

An overview of the changes to Telekom’s prepaid rates

This means that from the M rate variant onward, calls and text messages can be made to all networks, including the fixed network, at no extra cost. Previously, an all-net flat rate was only integrated in the XL model; all other rates remained with a Telekom flat rate. With the new prepaid rates – with the exception of MagentaMobil Prepaid S – customers also have access to the network operator’s 5G network.

The smallest rate in the portfolio is getting the long-awaited data flat rate with the changeover. While the rate previously had no data volume, it now includes 500 MB per month. However, customers will pay more for this: The MagentaMobil Prepaid S rate will then cost EUR 4.95, instead of EUR 2.95. The data flat rate will be available for a limited period of time. The term for all options is four weeks, or 28 days. The S rate also includes 50 free minutes to all German networks, including the fixed network. As before, unlimited calls and text messages can be made to the Deutsche Telekom network.

The M model has also been upgraded. Customers get 3 GB of data volume for EUR 9.95 per month. In the L rate, the price remains at EUR 14.95 for 5 GB. And the MagentaMobil XL prepaid rate has also improved. In the future, 7 GB will cost 24.95 euros with a four-week term. In a nutshell, these prepaid rates are: More data volume for the same price. The MagentaMobil Prepaid Max, however, remains unchanged. That means unlimited data volume, allnet flat rate and 5G.

Telekom MagentaMobil Prepaid S MagentaMobil Prepaid M MagentaMobil Prepaid L MagentaMobil Prepaid XL
Price 4.95 euros (previously 2.95 euros) 9,95 Euro 14,95 Euro 24,95 Euro
Data volume 500 MB (previously 0 MB) 3 GB (previously 2 GB) 5 GB (previously 3 GB) 7 GB (formerly 5 GB)
Phone Unlimited to Telekom network including 50 free minutes to all German networks + fixed network Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate
SMS/MMS Flat rate to the Telekom mobile network Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate
Mobile standard 4G 5G 5G 5G
Roaming EU roaming including data usage in Switzerland EU roaming including data usage in Switzerland EU roaming including data usage in Switzerland EU roaming including data usage in Switzerland
Duration 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks

Start: May 17, 2022

5G annual rate also gets upgrade

There is also a significant improvement in another model. The MagentaMobil Prepaid 5G annual rate will be equipped with 36 GB in the future. Currently it is still 24 GB. This means that in the future, customers will have 3 GB of data volume available each month for 99.95 euros a year, if the data volume is spread exactly over 12 months. Customers can also look forward to a flat rate for calls and text messages to all German networks and landlines.

Those who still have a broadband connection from Telekom can also benefit from the MagentaEINS prepaid advantage. MagentaMobil Prepaid M and higher offers one GB of data volume free of charge every month.

The new rates can be booked in the T-Shop, online at, at customer service and in stores. The same applies to existing customers.


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