Don’t answer these numbers in April

Calls from unknown numbers occur again and again. Behind them are often spam calls with little serious background. atechbook lists the phone numbers that are currently causing the most trouble.

The companies and call centers behind the spam phone numbers call at every conceivable time of day and night. Usually even several times in quick succession. The reason: Computers often take over the calls, testing a number frequently until they get a response at the other end. As a result, callers who accept a call from such an unknown number often hear a crackling and hissing noise on the line before they are connected to an employee – if at all.

Die Anrufer sitzen oft in Callcentern und haben nur einen Auftrag: Daten der angerufenen Person abzufragen und diese in fadenscheinige Sweepstakese oder unseriöse Verträge zu locken. Im schlimmsten Fall wird so ein Anruf für den Empfänger also richtig teuer. Werbeanrufe dieser Art sind allerdings rechtlich verboten, wenn der Angerufene sie nicht explizit erlaubt hat. Das wissen natürlich auch die Firmen und Callcenter, die versuchen, mit immer wieder wechselnden Rufnummern von sich abzulenken und Ärger zu vermeiden. Manchmal ändern sie die komplette Phone number, manchmal nur die hinteren Ziffern.

For this reason, the list of spam numbers active in a given period of time is constantly changing. It is a good thing that many sufferers report spam numbers to the Federal Network Agency. The agency has the possibility to impose penalties or even block phone numbers. In any case, it creates a list of numbers that are currently particularly active.

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These spam callers are currently particularly active

The app operator “Clever Dialer” also takes a similar approach. Via its application, users can enter telephone numbers from which they are being harassed and also block them if they wish. Every month, Clever Dialer uses the data to create an up-to-date list of spam phone numbers that are currently causing the most trouble.

Advertising calls, sweepstakes and cost traps are categorized accordingly by Clever Dialer. In recent weeks, callers in Germany have complained particularly frequently about the following telephone numbers:

Phone number Area code Type of call
06920436149 +49 (Germany) Other
03016637169 +49 (Germany) Cost trap
061194583283 +49 (Germany) Other
040607739320 +49 (Germany) Other
030439729064 +49 (Germany) Cost trap
089488167 +49 (Germany) Sweepstakes
080020033407 +49 (Germany) Sweepstakes
01633637113 +49 (Germany) Sweepstakes
069204369294 +49 (Germany) Cost trap
08938038701 +49 (Germany) Cost trap

Status: April 2022

Die Top-Spam-Rufnummer aus den Vormonaten – die 06920436149 – ist auch aktuell wieder ganz vorne mit dabei. Bereits seit Februar steht sie ohne Unterbrechung an der Spitze der Liste der nervigsten Spam-Rufnummern. Betroffene melden mitunter mehr als ein Dutzend Anrufe pro Tag von dieser Nummer, wobei die Anrufer unter anderem Werbung für falsche Verträge als Grund für den Anruf angeben. Auf Platz 2 steht die 03016637169 aus Berlin, bei der die Anrufer mit einem angeblichen Gewinn bei einem Sweepstakes von Aldi locken.

Users should also beware of 030439729064. This is because the last number of this spam number has simply been changed, previously it was listed as 030439729062 or 030439729063. If you had already blocked the number, the small change means that it is no longer recognized as such and you have to enter it again.

Block spam calls

Fortunately, however, consumers can do something about telephone spam. If they have staying power, they can simply ignore calls from unknown numbers. But it is even better to find out their origin on the Internet. To do this, they enter a spam phone number that appears repeatedly on their phone into the search bar of their browser. This often reveals who is behind the calls.

If the number is questionable, it can be blocked easily and free of charge via most routers and smartphones. There is a small catch: Unfortunately, blocking only works for a specific phone number. If companies change their spam numbers, they have to be added to the list of blocked connections.

Over landline

Many routers from Netgear, D-Link, the Fritzboxes from AVM and others offer the option to block phone numbers in the menu under the “Phone” or “Landline” tab. Calls from these connections are then no longer put through to the phone. The phone will simply stop ringing and the owner of the connection will not be bothered any further.

Block unwanted phone numbers in the Fritzbox

On Android smartphones

Android phone owners can also block spam phone numbers through their Google account. To do so, they open their smartphone’s phone app and click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner. Under “Spam” or “Block”, all unwanted numbers can now be entered here. If you like, you can even ignore all unknown numbers. Then the phone will only put through calls from contacts stored in the address book.

On the iPhone

Of course, blocking certain phone numbers also works on Apple’s iPhone. To do this, users go to their call log and select the relevant call. Click on the button for more information, then a new page opens with the command “Block caller” displayed at the bottom.

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If companies call via a blocked number, they can still leave a voicemail message, but the called party will not receive any notification of this. They will also not know that they have been blocked by the recipient.


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