Forwarding calls from landline to cell phone with Fritzbox

The Fritzbox from AVM offers owners many options. For example, it can be used to set up call forwarding if you want to accept calls via your cell phone instead of your landline. atechbook shows how to set this up.

Call forwarding can be handy for many reasons. For example, if you want to receive selected calls on a separate phone in your home office, immediately forward certain phone numbers to an answering machine, or flexibly receive phone calls on the go via your cell phone. Such call forwarding can be set up quickly on the Fritzbox. And this is how it works.

Set up call forwarding in the Fritzbox

As with all individual settings for the Fritzbox, first call up the router interface. To do this, enter the command in the address bar of your browser and log in to the Fritzbox with your user name and password.

Now the start page of the router interface opens. On the left you will find the menu with the different categories. Click on “Telephony” and then on “Call handling”. Then select the “Call forwarding” tab in the new window. The following page will open:

Fritzbox call forwarding
In the Fritzbox menu you will find the item “Call forwarding”. Photo: atechbook

Click on “New call forwarding” to set it up again.

Refine call forwarding

You now have various options to customize the call forwarding in the Fritzbox. For example, you can divert all incoming calls, or only calls from specific numbers or people stored in the phonebook. Incoming calls can also be filtered anonymously and forwarded directly to the answering machine, for example.

Block unwanted phone numbers in the Fritzbox

In the “Call forwarding” step, you select where the forwarded calls should go. As mentioned, you can forward them to the answering machine, for example, or set up a new phone. The latter is a good alternative for work calls, for example, as it allows you to separate them from your private area. You can even turn off the phone after work.

Another option is to forward calls to a mobile number. But beware: This may incur charges. To forward calls to a cell phone, select the entry “not in phone book” in the destination number menu and enter the corresponding cell phone number including area code in the window that opens.

Fritzbox call forwarding
Using the various drop-down fields, you can customize the call forwarding according to your wishes. Photo: atechbook

To refine the call forwarding to another phone or phone number, you can also determine how fast the Fritzbox should forward calls. This can be either immediate, delayed or on busy. The following settings are available:

Fritzbox call forwarding
You can also define how fast calls should be forwarded. Photo: atechbook

Phone numbers that cannot be forwarded

Not all calls can be forwarded. Excluded from the Fritzbox call forwarding are, for example, chargeable special numbers with the area codes 0900, 0190, 0180, 0138 and 0137. Mobile phone numbers set up in the Fritzbox as well as internal calls cannot be forwarded via call forwarding either.