Fritzbox 7510 – what can the inexpensive DSL router with Wifi 6?

There is growth on the router market. AVM has introduced the Fritzbox 7510, which is designed for use with (V)DSL connections and also supports Wifi 6.

The Fritzbox 7510 is one of the more affordable routers AVM offers. The recommended retail price is just 129 euros. Despite the small price, the Fritzbox supports Wifi 6 and supervectoring. But there are also compromises that users have to make. atechbook took a closer look at the Fritzbox 7510.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Fritzbox 7510

AVM has clearly based the look of the new Fritzbox on the prominent models in the product line. It has the same design as the Fritzbox 7590 (AX) or 7530 (AX). However, the Fritzbox 7510 has fewer ports. Instead of four, there is only one Gigabit LAN port and also only one USB port for network devices like printers or storage media. Wifi 6 (AX) is supported, but only on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Thus, users can surf via the new WLAN 6 standard, but the maximum speed is limited to 600 Mbit/s downstream. By comparison, the 7590 AX manages up to 2400 Mbit/s at 5 GHz and 1200 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz, and the 7530 AX up to 1800 Mbit/s (5 GHz) and 600 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz).

The Fritzbox 7510 was developed for use with (V)DSL connections. It also supports supervectoring for speeds of up to 300 Mbps. A DECT telephone system including answering machine is also integrated in the router. It can be used to operate both all-IP and analog phones, and smart home devices can also be coupled with the Fritzbox 7510 thanks to DECT support. With an energy consumption of only 6 watts in standby, the Fritzbox 7510 is quite energy-efficient.

Like all Fritzboxes, the Fritzbox 7510 comes with the latest Fritz!OS from AVM. Users thus have access to a wide range of functions such as a parental control, WLAN guest access, Smart Home and others. The new Fritzbox comes with a five-year warranty and will be available in stores soon, according to AVM.

Inexpensive DSL router as an alternative to expensive Fritzboxes

With a price of 129 Euros (RRP), the Fritzbox 7510 is indeed inexpensive, but users have to accept the aforementioned cutbacks in WLAN speed and connections. If that doesn’t bother you, the Fritzbox 7510 is a good alternative to the other models in the 75 series.

More connections and a higher data rate via Wifi 6 are offered by the Fritzbox 7530 AX, which has an MSRP of 169 euros. However, it is currently more expensive. On, it is currently listed at prices of around 175 euros. Only those who catch the Fritzbox on sale can save. Then it is usually sold at prices of about 129 Euros.