Fritzbox set up in 4 steps on the Telekom connection

Many Telekom customers use their own router for their (V)DSL connection. The Fritzbox from AVM is often used. But how do you connect it? atechbook explains it step by step.

Finally: The eagerly awaited package with the router has arrived. Now just plug it in and you’re ready to go. To make sure that your favorite series will soon be streaming on your laptop, we explain in this article how to connect the router to the network. Today, we show step by step for all Telekom customers how to connect the Fritzbox to the DSL connection.

The individual steps for setting up the Telekom connection refer to the currently valid Fritz!OS, the operating system of the Fritzbox.

Step 1: Have access data ready

Before activating your connection, Deutsche Telekom sent you the personal access data consisting of access number and password by mail. You will now need these.

Step 2: Connect cable

Take the supplied DSL cable from the box of the Fritzbox and plug it into the ports provided. Plug one end into the socket labeled “DSL” on the back of the Fritzbox. Connect the other end to the TAE socket in the wall. Here you take the socket labeled “F”.

Step 3: Set up access to the Internet

Now call up the address http:// in your browser, which will take you to the Fritzbox user interface. Log in by entering the Fritzbox password on the back of the router in the field provided and click on “Log in”.

The setup wizard should start directly. If it does not, click on “Wizards” in the left menu bar and select “Set up Internet access”. A drop-down menu appears. Here you use the entry “Telekom”.

Wählen Sie im Fritzbox-Menü den Punkt “Telekom DSL-Anschluss”. Dort taucht dann die Option auf, den Internetzugang per Easy Support von der Telekom automatisch einzurichten. Falls diese Option nicht auftaucht, einfach den passenden Zugang aktivieren, auf “Weiter” klicken und anschließend Ihre persönlichen Zugangsdaten in die dafür vorgesehenen Felder eintragen. Then click on “Next.”

Now the Fritzbox checks the information and tries to connect to the Internet. The check is complete when the message “The Internet connection check was successful” appears on the screen. If no connection is possible, your connection may not yet be activated. In this case, contact the Telekom hotline.

Step 4: Set up telephone connection

First you have to set up the phone numbers in the Fritzbox:

Set up the phone number on the Fritzbox
Set up the phone number on the Fritzbox Photo: atechbook
  • In the user interface, select “Telephony” from the left menu.
  • There, click on “Own phone numbers”.
  • Then press “New phone number”.
  • In the next step, you may need to select the “Internet phone number” option before clicking “Next”.
  • A drop-down menu appears on the Fritzbox interface, from which you select “Telekom”.
  • Enter the Internet number/telephone number in the input field.
  • You may have deactivated Telekom’s own “My Login” service. If so, you must now also deactivate the “Use default setting for login” option. Now enter your Telekom address in the “E-mail address” field, i.e., and your Web password in the “Password” field.
  • Then click on “Next.”

Forwarding calls from the fixed network to the cell phone with the Fritzbox

In the next step, you assign the phone numbers to your devices:

  • Go back to the user interface and select “Telephony” in the left menu bar, but this time select the entry “Telephony devices”.
  • Then click on the pencil icon that appears and edit the entry for the telephone. If the device is not listed there, select the “Set up new device” option. You can then use a wizard to set up the device afterwards.
  • When editing the phone, you then have the option to define a phone number via a drop-down menu and the item “Outgoing calls”. You do not have to do this. If you do not enter anything there, the Fritzbox will simply use the phone number that is stored under the item “Own phone numbers & connection settings”.
  • Then decide which phone number you want the phone or phones to respond to. You can choose from up to ten phone numbers, including the number for outgoing calls.
  • Save your entries by clicking on “Ok”.

Now you have set up your Fritzbox and you can use your Telekom connection.