Fritzboxes that no longer get updates

Whether cell phones, tablets, PCs, routers or other devices – they all need regular updates to stay up to date. But after a certain time, support from the manufacturer often ends. This is also the case with AVM.

Der Berliner Hersteller hat eine Vielzahl an Routern im Sortiment, von denen einige schon etwas betagt sind. Dennoch werden viele von ihnen auch nach Jahren noch mit neuen Funktionen versorgt. Mindestens einmal im Jahr veröffentlicht AVM eine neue Version seines Fritz!OS, der Firmware für die Fritzboxes. Zwischendurch gibt es aber auch immer mal wieder kleinere Aktualisierungen, die zuvor meist im Fritz!Labor per Beta getestet werden. Mit diesen Updates hält AVM seine Fritzboxes und anderen Geräte auf dem neuesten Stand – nicht nur in Sachen Sicherheit und Stabilität, sondern auch in Bezug auf neue Features.

But such updates are not endless. Because at some point, AVM will also part with models that are already a few years old. Sometimes it is a bit surprising which Fritzboxes these are. Well-known models have often been on the market for longer than we think.

EOM and EOS – that’s what’s behind them

AVM not only distinguishes between product categories such as Fritzboxes, Fritz!Fons or adapters, but also between the terms EOM (End of Maintenance – end of updates) and EOS (End of Support – end of support). And this is what the abbreviations mean:

  • EOM: Here, AVM specifies when the company will stop the further development of a router. Thus, there will be no more updates and patches on the mentioned date.
  • EOS: This abbreviation again tells owners of a Fritzbox when support for their model will end. They will then no longer receive telephone support or help via the website.

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The voluntary product warranty, which AVM usually promises for five years from the initial sale of a Fritzbox, remains in place even after the end of maintenance or end of support. If a Fritzbox breaks down during this time, AVM has to repair it or provide a replacement. If end customers want to make use of the manufacturer’s warranty, however, they need the proof of purchase or proof of delivery from their provider for the respective router.

Updates and support will soon end for these devices from AVM

If the end of support for a Fritzbox has been announced or is imminent, prospective buyers should consider whether it is still worth buying the corresponding device. In most cases, AVM has replaced it with a successor, which not only offers longer support from the manufacturer, but often also comes with more up-to-date equipment.


  • Fritzbox 7580 – EOM: January 02, 2021 / EOS: November 30, 2022

Introduced in spring 2016, the Fritzbox 7580 went on sale in September of the same year. It offers many features of the Fritzbox 7590, which was introduced later, but comes in a slimmed-down version. For example, the Fritzbox 7580 does not support VDSL supervectoring and only has IP telephone connections, but not connections for analog fixed networks and ISDN. For this reason, the Fritzbox 7590 quickly moved into the spotlight and disputed the 7580’s place. AVM stopped updates for the device with the start of the new year. However, the manufacturer continues to provide support.


  • Fritz!Repeater 310 – EOM: 01 February 2020 / EOS: 30 December 2021

AVM’s Repeater 310 has been available for a long time. It was already introduced in fall 2012 and has since been replaced by technically better models. The device no longer receives updates, but AVM still provides support in case of problems.

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Alternatives also from other manufacturers

Oftmals bietet AVM Alternativen für in die Jahre gekommene Fritzboxes und Adapter an. Das Unternehmen ist bei den Nutzern vor allem wegen seiner Gerätevielfalt und der gut zu organisierenden Routeroberfläche beliebt. Doch es gibt auch andere Hersteller von Routern und Heimnetzwerkgeräten, die durchaus einen Blick wert sind und einige lohnenswerte Alternativen zu den Fritzboxes anbieten.

Manufacturers like Netgear, Asus, Cisco and TP-Link are among the most prominent names in this field. Asus stands out with special gaming routers, for example, while Cisco is strong in the business segment. Netgear, like Asus, has some of the fastest routers on offer, and TP-Link scores with antenna diversity and thus a high range.