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How can I check if my number is in the phone book?

Often you don’t even know if your number is in the phone book. And if so, how to delete the entry there. atechbook explains how.

In the past, the Deutsche Bundespost had a telephone set with a dial in mouse gray. Shortly after the introduction of color television, color came into play at the post office in the early 1970s. Suddenly, there were telephones in fern green, light reddish orange, salmon red and ochre yellow. The dial gradually disappeared and the telephone got buttons. And every person in Germany with a telephone line was automatically in the phone book. Is that still the case?

Of course not. For data protection reasons alone, entries in the telephone directory can no longer be made automatically. At Deutsche Telekom, the successor company to the German Federal Post Office, or at other telephone providers, every customer can decide for himself or herself whether the number should appear in the telephone directory or not when a new fixed-network line or telephone number is added.

What do I do if I no longer know whether I agreed to an entry or not? In the meantime, there are still printed telephone directories. However, very few of you will have a current edition at hand.

Is my number in the phone book? Research on the web helps

The easiest way to search is via the Deutsche Telekom telephone directory website. Here you can enter your name and place of residence directly. If you find your number, the question is solved.

To be absolutely sure, you can start a reverse search. You will find the menu item directly on the left under the search mask. Simply click on it and enter your phone number. If this query also fails, you do not appear to be listed in the phone book.

However, you may have objected to a reverse search when you submitted your application. In this case, no entry appears in the online search, but you may still be listed in the printed edition.

Classic directory assistance

In this case, call the national directory assistance at 11833. If you are not found there either, then at least you do not appear to be listed via Deutsche Telekom. Please note, however, that you will be charged 1.39 euros per minute.

If you still have a smartphone with another mobile carrier, however, your mobile number could be registered. In most cases, the providers are Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone or O2.

Play it safe

If you do not want to be found with your various phone numbers, it is advisable to explicitly delete a phone book entry. Deleting a phone book entry is not particularly complicated, but the rules vary from provider to provider.

As a Telekom customer, phone book entries can be deleted online in the customer center or by calling the Telekom hotline.

At Vodafone, you have to download form no. 244, fill it out and send it to the following address:

Vodafone GmbH

Customer Care

40875 Ratingen

O2 customers log into the online customer center. There you will find the entry “Phone book fixed network” on the left navigation bar. A click starts the download of a PDF form. Fill it out and send it to the O2 customer service:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

Georg-Brauchle-Ring 50

80992 Munich.