Major Telekom glitch is fixed

Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network experienced disruptions on Tuesday. Affected were both calls via the LTE network and the sending of SMS.

Cell phone reception on the Telekom network was disrupted for hours. The problem affected both the provider itself and providers such as congstar, Penny Mobil and ja!mobil, which implement their services via its network. The reports on sites such as “Allestörungen” had been accumulating since midday on Tuesday. Telekom itself had also confirmed the disruption via Twitter.

Update from February 23, 8 a.m.: As reported by the provider, the internal software error was already fixed during the night. Mobile telephony via LTE is thus working again. As Telekom also says, on Tuesday, the “own claim was not met.” Telekom therefore apologizes for the disruptions.

Fault in the Telekom LTE network

Accordingly, the LTE network is affected throughout Germany. The disruption means that incoming and outgoing mobile calls via LTE (VoLTE) are currently affected. There may also be problems sending text messages and checking the mobile mailbox.

Telekom refers to the GSM network due to the malfunction. According to the report, calls are possible here without restrictions. On Allestörungen, however, individual users also report problems with telephony in the 2G network. atechbook itself could not reproduce this. During our test in Berlin, calls via VoLTE did not work, but we were able to make calls via GSM.

Software error causes outages in the Telekom network

atechbook has inquired with Telekom about the current disruption. A spokesperson gave an internal software error as the reason for the disruptions in the LTE network, which Telekom technicians have already been able to localize. This could lead to long call set-up times or errors in telephony via the LTE network (4G). However, data usage via LTE and telephony via GSM (2G) continue to function without restriction, according to the company. Emergency calls are also not affected by the disruption, Telekom emphasizes.

Making phone calls despite interference – this is how it works

The Telekom disruption continued in the evening. To ensure that users in the network can still be reached by cell phone, they should – as far as possible – log on to the GSM network for the duration of the disruption.

Owners of an iPhone do not have to take action. Here, the smartphone automatically switches from the LTE to the GSM network after around 20 seconds. The call setup is thus somewhat delayed. They should therefore be a little patient.

Android users, on the other hand, can define the preferred mobile network themselves and thus accelerate the call setup despite Telekom interference. However, they have to deactivate VoLTE for this. Proceed as follows to do so. Note: Depending on the model and Android version, the different menu items may have different names.


Select the Mobile Networks tab in the Settings under Connections and deactivate VoLTE for each SIM card via the slider.

Google Pixel

In the settings, select Network & Internet and then click Mobile network. Scroll down and open the advanced view. Now disable video calls via mobile providers via the slider.


Open Settings and select Wireless & Networks. Then deactivate VoLTE calls via the mobile network.


In the smartphone settings, select the preferred network type under Mobile network or WLAN & Internet. On some smartphones, the menu item is also called SIM & Internet. VoLTE can then be deactivated for each SIM card.