Many Telekom mobile customers must act now!

You urgently need to make a call when you’re on the road. That’s everyday life. Less common: you can’t make a call because you’ve run out of credit. But that’s exactly what could happen to you now with Telekom.

Certain Telekom cell phone customers with prepaid cards have to take action to prevent their credit account from running empty unintentionally. The affected group is everyone who has set up the automatic top-up function, reports the specialist portal “”.

Automatic top-ups deactivated

“For technical reasons, automatic top-ups set up before 01.09.2021 are unfortunately no longer valid with immediate effect,” Telekom explains on its Customer Center page. However, a remedy can easily be found. The company advises simply setting up a new automatic top-up, either on the website or via the My Magenta app.

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But why does this have to happen at all? According to, this is due to a change in the billing platform for prepay recharges. Whereas this was previously operated by an external service provider, Deutsche Telekom has now set up its own platform.

Prepaid still a huge market

Anyone who believes that prepaid contracts are now only a marginal phenomenon is mistaken. Although the share of prepaid customers on the market is no longer as large as it was in the 2000s, it is still in the millions. According to “Wirtschaftswoche,” providers still bring eight to nine million new cards to customers each year. Most of them are now sold by supermarkets and discounters.

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In the existing segment, more than 20 million prepaid customers in Germany are served by Telekom (as of June 2020). That is only five million fewer than the provider can report in the contract area. Accordingly, a large number of users are likely to be affected by the change.


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