Map shows free WLAN hotspots at airports worldwide

A well-functioning Internet connection is especially helpful when traveling. Airports often offer WLAN access points. A website has now compiled a map showing where these are located and what the passwords are.

Anyone traveling from A to B is often dependent on the Internet. Especially in non-European countries, many people buy a SIM card at home for this purpose, since data roaming is often very expensive. But what about during the trip itself? The open WLAN networks at airports are often a good option here. But how do you quickly find a network that works after arrival?

Map shows WLAN networks at airports

A map published by the travel blog “” and maintained with the help of its readers reveals which airport WLAN networks are available and what their passwords are.

You should of course look for the WLAN info you need before you start your trip and make a note of it if you want to avoid data roaming in the destination country as much as possible or for sure. Alternatively, the operators also offer an app in which maps can be stored as an offline version. The WLAN map based on Google Maps can also be useful if you want or need to conserve your mobile data volume at airports in Germany or other EU member states and therefore use WLAN hotspots.

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How the airport WLAN map works

Travelers enter the airport they are flying through directly in the search field on the map. Alternatively, they can also find the airports by entering the name of the city, for example. The map then shows which WLAN networks are available at the airport in question, what the passwords are (if necessary) and possibly also how long travelers can use the WLAN network free of charge.



With material from dpa