Microsoft to do away with password when logging in

Forgotten, stolen, guessed: Passwords have many weaknesses. And they’re terribly inconvenient. That’s why Microsoft is now putting them on the back burner if users want them to.

Microsoft is gradually enabling passwordless logins for all users. Until now, logging into a Microsoft account without a password was reserved for business customers in particular. Log-ins without a password are not only more convenient, but above all and as a rule also more secure.

Because if there is no fixed password, no one can pick it up. Moreover, you don’t have the burden of having to remember a complex password yourself. And you won’t be tempted to use a weak password just to remember it.

App takes over login

And how does passwordless logging into Microsoft work? Via Microsoft’s Authenticator app for Android and iOS, for example. Once installed on the smartphone, it has to be connected to the user’s Microsoft account. Some of you may already have the app on your mobile device, because it also allows you to log in to online accounts in two steps with a password and a second verification feature (two-factor authentication) – not only with Microsoft, but also with many other services.

Security section
The option to activate the passwordless account can be found in the Security section under “Additional security options”. Photo: Microsoft/

To get rid of the Microsoft password, you still have to open the administration page of your Microsoft account and activate the “Passwordless account” option under “Security/Additional security options”. Along the way, you may be wooed by a pop-up window to download the app. It says, “Free yourself from your passwords!” Of course, those who already have the app installed and connected can ignore that.

However, Microsoft also allows returning to the password

If you want to log in to your Microsoft account, Windows (from Windows 10) or a Microsoft service like OneDrive or Outlook from now on, the app uses fingerprint, facial recognition or a PIN for authentication. However, it is possible to return to the password via the administration page of the Microsoft account. There, one can be set again at any time if one does not want to continue the passwordless login.