Netgear router unsafe! Owners should act

There are some serious security gaps in almost a dozen Netgear routers. Owners should take a moment to check whether their devices are affected.

The manufacturer Netgear has released firmware updates for eleven router models. The updates close various vulnerabilities, according to the company. Netgear classifies the severity of the security vulnerabilities as high.

These Netgear routers are affected

Affected models are reportedly the R6400v2 and R6700v3 (updated firmware version each), as well as RAX35v2, RAX38v2, RAX40v2, RAX42, RAX43, RAX45, RAX48, RAX50 and RAX50S (updated firmware version each).

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How to get the update

To download the updated firmware, visit Netgear’s support pages, type the router’s model number into the search box, and then click to select the model from the drop-down menu. The latest software can then be found on the support product page of the respective model under the “Downloads” tab (Firmware and software downloads/Current versions).

The update is installed via the settings menu of the router. This is opened via the browser by typing or into the address line and logging in. On the menu home page, switch from the Basic tab to Advanced and navigate to “Advanced/Administration/Router update”.