New Fritzbox update improves Internet reception

Berlin-based router manufacturer AVM regularly releases updates for its Fritzboxes and other Fritz devices. This includes repeaters, powerline adapters, but also Fritz phones. atechbook has the info on the latest updates.

AVM regularly distributes updates for its devices. The updates bring numerous innovations for the Fritzboxes, repeaters and powerline adapters. In advance, the company prepares the so-called release candidates mostly by a laboratory for the current major Fritzbox update. New functions also continue to be tested through smaller updates from the Fritz lab. Here you can find out for which devices AVM currently offers an update.

Please note:

In the list, we list updates to the official Fritz!OS as well as the latest lab versions. Since AVM is only testing new features in the Fritz Lab, the software may cause minor problems in operation. Therefore, please pay attention to the notes we give on installing a Fritz Lab.

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Current Fritzbox updates at a glance

Fritz!OS 7.31 for Fritzbox 7530 AX

Just over a month after the Fritzbox 7590 AX, the Fritzbox 7530 AX is now also receiving the update to Fritz!OS 7.31. With the update, AVM primarily delivers adjustments to support provider-specific services. However, the router manufacturer does not reveal exactly what these are.

Fritzbox 7590 AX gets Fritz!OS 7.31

AVM has provided an update for the Wifi-6 version of the Fritzbox 7590. The Fritz!OS 7.31 is primarily intended to ensure smoother Internet connections. For this, the stability has been increased for Supervectoring (35b) and Vectoring (17a) as well as ADSL2+. In addition, AVM has improved data rates to certain ADSL2+ peers and interoperability.

Update for mobile Fritzboxes

An update is also available for the Fritzbox 6840 LTE. The LTE router receives Fritz!OS 6.87, in which the trusted root certificate authorities have been updated and security in WLAN communication has been increased. AVM has also made the following adjustments:


  • Fixed Vulnerabilities in the handling of incoming fragmented packets as well as aggregated MPDUs (A-MPDU) fixed (“Fragattack”).


  • Improvement Certificates updated and stability raised
  • Improvement Automatic software update for Fritz-Fon M2

The manufacturer again upgrades the software of the Fritzbox 6850 5G to Fritz!OS 7.30. There are no extensive new features here. Instead, a bug in the support of certain SIM cards is fixed. It could happen that cards from the provider Sunrise/Switzerland were not recognized.

The innovations in the current FritzOS

With the latest Fritz!OS, AVM says it is delivering numerous new functions and optimizations for its Fritz devices. These are intended not only to increase the performance of the Fritzboxes, but also to improve WLAN connections from mobile devices, enable faster and more stable connections via VPN networks, and ensure greater security in the home network. Overall, AVM is introducing innovations in all core areas such as Internet, telephony, smart home and home network.

Read in the linked message, which adjustments and functions the update to Fritz!OS 7.25 and higher includes.

Fritz lab: What to watch out for

If an update comes from the Fritz Lab, different conditions apply compared to the official updates. This is because AVM uses the lab firmware to test new functions that will later become part of the large, official firmware update at the end of August or beginning of September. It therefore has beta character. The manufacturer also points out that there might be problems when operating the software.

Users can try out a Fritz Lab if the latest FritzOS is installed on their Fritzbox. Before installing the software, however, the data and settings on the router should be backed up to be on the safe side. Once this has been done, users can download the Fritz Lab firmware from AVM’s website and save it on their computer as a ZIP file. The following steps are then necessary for installation after unpacking the file:

  1. Call up the Fritzbox interface in the browser with and enter the password for your Fritzbox if necessary.
  2. At the bottom of the menu you will find the footer “View: Advanced”, which you have to activate
  3. Now you can find the tab “FritzOS file” under “System / Update
  4. Select the path to the previously downloaded and unzipped ZIP file in the input field and click “Start update”.

If a lab firmware is already installed on the Fritzbox, a new update will be offered automatically. Please note that the update process may take a few minutes. During this time, the router’s info lamp flashes. Once the update is complete, the Fritzbox restarts automatically. Data and settings are not lost, so the router is ready for use again as usual.