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Prepaid provider Fraenk introduces new payment method

Since the end of April 2020, there is a new mobile discounter in the Telekom network. The offer called “Fraenk” is realized directly via the Telekom subsidiary Congstar and can be cancelled on a monthly basis. atechbook reveals what the provider can do – and what it can’t.

The concept behind Fraenk is somewhat reminiscent of Freenet Funk. Here, too, rates can be booked exclusively via app for Android and iOS. However, the new provider offers a different range of rates. atechbook explains what customers should know about Fraenk.

Fraenk launches with just one tariff

In 2020, Fraenk launched with just one tariff, which included an allnet flat, SMS flat and 4 GB of data for 10 euros a month. Even now, only this tariff is available, but the prepaid provider has now increased the data volume to 5 GB. With the Internet flat rate, the Telekom LTE network can be used up to a maximum speed of 25 Mbit/s downstream and 5 Mbit/s upstream. Instead of a regular SIM card, users can also choose an eSIM.

Fraenk price comparison

If we compare Fraenk’s price and performance, the offer is quite good. With ja!mobil and Penny Mobil, there are already two discount rates in the Telekom network, which are also implemented by Congstar and have very similar rate conditions. Both providers market an allnet flat rate with 3 GB for 7.99 euros and one with 5 GB for 12.99 euros per 28 days. Fraenk’s rate with its 5 GB data volume and its price of 10 euros is thus right in between these offers.

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Fraenk advertises a flexible term of just one month, but the provider allows itself a cancellation period of 14 days. If users do not terminate their contract via the app on time, it is renewed for another month. At the start, the costs were debited solely via the Paypal account. From mid-August, however, fraenk will also be offering payment by direct debit. The tariff fee is always debited in the middle of the next month at the end of the month, as Fraenk states on its website.

What Fraenk users (still) have to do without

Compared to many other rates, however, Fraenk customers have to make some concessions. For example, after the inclusive volume has been used up, Internet surfing is only possible via WLAN, because there is no throttling. Instead, Fraenk markets additional data options: For a one-time charge of 5 euros, up to 10 additional 2 GB data volumes can be booked per billing period, which are valid for 31 days after booking. Unused data volume expires.

The mobile provider does not offer a multi-SIM. However, it has been possible to transfer phone numbers since the end of May 2020. The provider did not allow this at the start. The former provider usually charges a fee for releasing the old number. However, this was throttled to a maximum of EUR 6.82 at the end of April 2020. However, porting a number issued by Fraenk to a new provider is possible free of charge.

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Unlike Freenet Funk, the tariff can be used within the EU, including Switzerland. However, calls and text messages from Germany to other EU countries are not possible with Fraenk. The discounter also excludes the use of chargeable special numbers and premium SMS.


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