Set up Fritzbox on the cable connection – this is how it works

If you have booked your cable connection through one of the major providers such as Telekom, Vodafone or O2, you will usually be provided with a Fritzbox. Actually, you don’t have to do much more on the device. Actually! If you do encounter difficulties, we will help you in this article to find out how to connect a Fritzbox to your cable connection.

Every cable provider in Germany has its own requirements for setting up a Fritzbox router. Therefore, the manufacturer AVM provides a list of the different providers and the respective setup instructions on its website.

You also have the option to do without the included Fritzbox and use your own Fritzbox instead. However, AVM itself then recommends that you only use the Fritzbox 6490 Cable with the article number 20002778. This is because only this device can be used universally on every cable connection available in Germany. Other models from the Fritzbox Cable series may not be compatible with the interfaces of all cable providers. AVM has posted an information page about this.

Therefore, the following steps only refer to the 6490 model.

Step 1: Activate the device

A Fritzbox purchased from a retailer must first be activated for its cable connection by the provider. How this works exactly depends on the cable provider. Some have set up an online activation portal for this purpose. Others do it via a telephone hotline. In any case, you should make a note of the serial number and the so-called CM-MAC address. Both pieces of information can be found on the back of the Fritzbox.

Step 2: Connect the cable

Take the coaxial cable intended for the cable connection and connect it to the Fritzbox at one end and to the multimedia outlet in the wall at the other end.

Step 3: Establish Internet connection

At this point, we would like to point out once again: The next steps refer to a Fritzbox purchased from a retailer. A Fritzbox provided by your cable provider is already automatically configured for your cable connection.

Log in to the Fritzbox user interface on your computer. To do this, call up the address in the browser. You will need the password from the back of the device. Then click on “Log in”.

After logging in, the item “Set up Internet access” should automatically appear in the menu bar on the left-hand side. If this is not the case, select the item “Internet” and click on “Access data”. Then activate the item “Internet access via cable connection”.

During the setup on the cable connection, the “Power / Cable” light on the Fritzbox starts to flash. The entire configuration process can take up to ten minutes. The process is complete when the light is on continuously. If the light flashes continuously, the connection may not yet be activated or there may be a fault on the provider side. In both cases, please contact your cable provider.

If the cable connection is indeed not yet unlocked, simply call up any website via the browser. This will automatically take you to the activation portal of your cable provider. Follow the instructions there.

Then save the settings in the user interface of your Fritzbox by clicking on “Apply” or “Next”. Finally, restart the Fritzbox.

Now the configuration of your Fritzbox is complete and the router is connected to the Internet via cable.