Set up WLAN access for guests on the Fritzbox

A WLAN guest access is the ideal solution for granting home visitors access to the Internet. This is because the guest network is separate from the home network. atechbook shows how to set it up on the Fritzbox.

Guest WLAN access is a special network for guests. Although it allows them to surf the home WLAN, they cannot access data and devices on the home network. So it has advantages for both sides: The host protects his home network from unauthorized access, but the guests can still access the Internet. Such a network for guests can be set up on most routers with just a few clicks. How to set up WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox is explained by atechbook.

Setting up WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox

To set up WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox, users have to make a few settings on the router interface. They can access the Fritzbox either via the URL “” or via the IP address “”. Both are entered in the address bar of the browser. Now enter the password for accessing the router, and you’re done.

The menu of the Fritzbox opens, where you will find the item “WLAN” on the left side and “Guest access” below it. Now check “Guest access active” and select whether you want to set up a private WLAN guest access with password protection or a public accessible guest network (hotspot) on the Fritzbox. You can give both networks a unique name in the following.

WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox
The WLAN guest access can be set up in the Fritzbox menu Photo: atechbook

For home use we recommend the private WLAN guest access. It guarantees that only those who know the password get access to the guest network. For better visibility, assign a unique network name – here the example “Guest access atechbook”. For encryption, it is best to leave it at the default setting WPA2. Now you have to define a password. This should be as secure as possible. The Fritzbox allows a password of 8 to 63 characters for the WLAN guest access, which should contain numbers, letters and upper and lower case letters.

Tip: AVM also offers the access data for the guest network as a QR code. Print it out and display it for your guests to see. Instead of asking for the password and typing it into the smartphone, they only need to scan the code to gain access to the WLAN.

Preliminary page for WLAN guest access

A pre-set page for the guest network is always useful when users want to welcome their guests. This is less likely to be the case in the private sector than in the business sector – for example, in small companies or restaurants and cafés – which provide WLAN guest access via the Fritzbox. The pre-switching page is comparable to the WLAN hotspots of hotels.

The necessary settings can also be found under “WLAN” and “Guest access” in the Fritzbox menu. Check the “Show default page” box and select whether users must agree to the guest access terms of use or not. This is a legal safeguard, since guest access is implemented via your connection. AVM therefore recommends informing guests that the WLAN guest access may not be used for illegal purposes (e.g. copyright infringements).

WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox
For companies, cafés and the like, it is a good idea to set up a pre-set-up page for the guest network Photo: atechbook

Now you can design your pre-page, for example with a picture or a welcome text. You can also set how long the WLAN access should remain for guests. You can choose between 15 minutes and 3 days per session.

Define restrictions in the guest network

If you set up a guest WLAN access on the Fritzbox, visitors have no access to the home network, but can otherwise use the Internet without restrictions. However, this is not always desired. If you want to prevent certain websites from being accessed or visitors from using the entire bandwidth with their surfing behavior, you can change this in the settings.

Under “WLAN” and “Guest access” in the Fritzbox menu, you can restrict the Internet applications in the guest network. For example, if you want to prevent data-intensive downloads, set the appropriate checkbox to allow only regular surfing and sending e-mails.

WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox
If guests are only allowed to surf and check e-mails in the guest WLAN network, a check mark must be set here. Photo: atechbook

Website blocks can also be set, whereby the Fritzbox accesses the parental controls here. We have described how to set this up in detail here:

Set up website filters and online times in the Fritzbox

Limit bandwidth

If you have a particularly large number of visitors in the guest network, the bandwidth of your Internet access can be heavily loaded. However, you can specify in the Fritzbox menu that the guest WLAN access does not consume the entire bandwidth and thus prevent restrictions in the home network.

WLAN guest access on the Fritzbox
If you like, you can reduce the bandwidth in the guest network to strengthen the home network Photo: atechbook

To do this, go to “Internet” in the menu on the left and then to “Filter”. Under the “Prioritization” tab, you will find the “Home network speed” section at the bottom of the page. We advise you to reserve a certain bandwidth for your home network via the drop-down menu. Especially if they load it intensively themselves through streaming, network devices and smart home. Depending on how high this load is, you should reserve at least 30 to 60 percent of the bandwidth for the home network.