Simple trick makes you invisible on the Internet

Many Internet users care far too little about their private data on the Internet. However, a very simple trick can be used to disguise the identity of the computer used – and tracking is no longer possible.

Every time we go online, our computer is assigned an IP address by the Internet service provider. This individual identifier can be used to find out the location of the computer and, with skill, even the identity of the user.

However, there is a very simple trick to hide your own IP address from third parties. All you have to do is call up the website in your browser. Then enter the link for the desired website in the input window and click on “Surf anonymously”. When accessing the page through Hidester, the user’s IP address will not be disclosed to the page recipient.

How does Hidester work?

The website Hidester is a so-called proxy, i.e. a kind of intermediary that is connected between the user and the recipient. The user first sends his website request to the intermediary, which encrypts the data and IP address. Only then is the connection to the desired website established. This means that it is no longer possible to trace who is actually visiting the page, and consequently no identification is possible.

This is how easy it is to hide your identity on the Internet: enter the desired website at and you’re surfing ananym Photo: Screenshot

In addition, you can select whether the mediator should be located on an EU or a US server, so that censored pages and content can be accessed in countries like China or Turkey. Users can also bypass geoblocking – known to many as “This website is not available in your country”.

Hidester also protects you from hackers

Hidester promises that the connection is encrypted and also protects the user from hackers, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. Despite the 128-bit encryption, the connection is fast enough to stream videos. In the practical test, videos could be played on very many, but not all websites. YouTube, for example, worked flawlessly. Overall, our quick test showed that Hidester reliably hides the user’s IP address.

Caution with private data on the net

Despite Hidester’s successful implementation: it is better not to send very sensitive data such as passwords, bank account access and credit card details via the proxy. Although the company assures that it will not store such user data or pass it on to any other entity – there is never a guarantee.

Your ISP can see if you are using Hidester, but that’s the end of it. All pages accessed via Hidester cannot be tracked. This means that no one but you knows what pages you’ve been on and what content you’ve opened.