Telekom customers can now rent their own cellular antenna

Many people are familiar with the problem that cell phone reception is good outdoors, but rather poor within their own four walls. There can be many reasons for this. Deutsche Telekom now offers a solution: a mobile communications antenna with booster. What exactly is behind the offer and for whom it is suitable is revealed by atechbook.

Telekom calls the new offering Indoor Booster 5G. According to the company, it consists of an outdoor antenna and a booster, a kind of repeater that is installed indoors. The devices are supposed to significantly improve cell phone reception in apartments, offices or houses – this applies to both 4G and 5G. However, the offer does not come without a catch.

Telekom Indoor Booster 5G initially only available in Bavaria

Initially, Deutsche Telekom is only offering the Indoor Booster 5G in Bavaria. They can check whether the offer is available to individual customers in the federal state via an availability query on Telekom’s website. After filling out the form, the network provider contacts the customer and clarifies further steps.

The outdoor antenna and the booster are not easy to install. As Telekom writes, this is a fixed installation, which is carried out by special fitters. They check the optimum position of the antenna based on the radio strength and ensure that there is no interference during operation. The customer himself cannot and must not install the Telekom Booster 5G.

The outdoor antenna is attached to the house wall and connected by cable to a repeater (the booster), which in turn is located indoors. The latter also requires a regular power connection.

Telekom Indoor Booster 5G
With the Indoor Booster 5G, Deutsche Telekom wants to improve cellular reception indoors. Photo: Telekom

Via the cable, the radio signal is routed into the interior with almost no loss, which improves cell phone reception there. Due to this installation on and through the house wall, installation is only possible with the proven consent of the building owner. So for homeowners, Telekom’s Indoor Booster 5G should be an ideal solution for insufficient 5G wireless performance inside. For residents of a rented apartment, however, things are more difficult. They need the landlord’s consent to attach the antenna and repeater.

Requirements and prices for operation

Apart from the homeowner’s consent, other requirements must be met for operation of the Telekom Indoor Booster 5G . First and foremost, there must be sufficient 4G or 5G radio coverage outdoors. Reception indoors is later only as good as outdoors. Interested parties must also have a mobile communications contract with Telekom.

Many Telekom mobile customers must act now!

The Indoor Booster 5G is a rental product from Telekom. The provider charges a basic price of EUR 19.95 per month, and the hardware is already included. The contract can be canceled monthly and does not have a long term. However, customers should be aware of the high one-off costs at the beginning, which are incurred by the installation and the journey of the installer. Deutsche Telekom charges a one-time fee of EUR 139.90 for this (installation fee of EUR 89.95 and travel costs of EUR 49.95). Shipping of the hardware also costs 6.95 euros.

If a customer cancels the contract, he or she must return the hardware to Telekom. The outdoor antenna and the Indoor Booster 5G will then be removed.

In response to an inquiry from atechbook, Telekom stated that it had not yet been determined whether and when the company would launch the service throughout Germany. However, anyone outside of Bavaria who is interested can register nationwide on the website.