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This regional Internet provider even beats Deutsche Telekom

The magazine “Connect” has published the current network test 2022. It compared the performance and service of Internet providers in Germany. Which provider has the edge?

Anyone looking for a new fixed-network Internet provider usually wants two things: decent performance and reliability. That’s why Connect looks at the offerings of the major Internet providers in Germany every year and summarizes its findings in the so-called network test. This year, there were some surprising winners in the 2022 network test, especially among regional providers.

These Internet providers were tested

Connect and its partner zafaco have been collecting data on Internet providers for 13 years. Data is collected in all possible areas, including the quality and reliability of the offers, the data throughput for uploads and downloads, and the use of web services. Connect distinguishes between national providers, i.e., those that operate throughout Germany, and regional providers, whose services can only be booked in certain federal states. The following providers are included in the 2022 network test:

Supraregional providers:

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • 1&1
  • O2
  • Vodafone

Regional providers:

  • Deutsche Glasfaser
  • NetCologne
  • M-net
  • EWE
  • Pyur

For information: With the exception of Deutsche Glasfaser, all providers were already included in Connect’s 2021 network test.

The results of the 2022 network test

Unsurprisingly, Deutsche Telekom came out on top among the fixed-network Internet providers operating throughout Germany. However, with 932 total points (2021: 914 points), the gap to 1&1, O2 and Vodafone is significantly higher than in the previous year. While Telekom lost one point in voice, i.e., telephony, it was able to increase its previous results in data, crowdsourcing and web services as well as web TV. The company achieved top results in the 2022 network test in the down- and upload areas in particular.

Second place again went to 1&1 with 916 points. The Montabauer company also improved on a number of points. In 2021, the result was still 912 points. In the area of voice and web services, 1&1 lost ground in each case, but data connections improved. Like Deutsche Telekom, the fixed-network Internet provider achieved top results in download and upload in the 2022 network test. According to Connect, 1&1’s Web TV services also made a considerable leap forward.

Telef√≥nica/O2 is in third place this year, but also improved from 859 points in 2021 to 910 points – a big leap forward. In terms of data, O2 performed just as well as Telekom and 1&1 with top results. The company was thus able to make up a full 20 points compared with the previous year. O2 also improved in the areas of telephony, crowdsourcing and web TV. The only things that stood out in the 2022 network test were slow connection set-up times and long voice runtimes in the company’s own network. There was a drop in web services, which Connect rated worse than in the previous year. The long buffer times for TV and the equally slow gaming pings are particularly worthy of mention here.

Deutsche Telekom, 1&1, and O2 all scored “very good” in the 2022 network test.

Vodafone was a different story – the company scored a rather meager 785 overall points in the previous year, but managed to improve its score to 808. However, the provider still did not manage more than a “good”. Vodafone performed significantly worse in the areas of voice and data connections, but the provider was able to improve its web services. Download rates in particular were often below the contractually agreed values. Vodafone repeatedly had to contend with overloaded networks, especially during Corona. In addition, there were regular outages, which are partly due to the network expansion that the company is pushing ahead with.

The surprise winner Deutsche Glasfaser

Deutsche Glasfaser took part in Connect’s network test for the first time in 2022. And right off the bat, the provider of FTTH fiber-optic connections picked up the highest score. With a score of 939 points, the company even beats Deutsche Telekom, but – although it has a fairly large presence overall – it is unfortunately not represented everywhere in Germany. Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen are missing from the list of federal states .

Compared to Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Glasfaser scores significantly worse for voice. Connect praises the very good voice quality during calls, but finds the connection setup times too long – especially for mobile calls. For data, web service and web TV, Deutsche Glasfaser is roughly on a par with Telekom. The results are much better for crowdsourcing, where the fiber-optic company is ahead and scored 17 points more in the 2022 network test.

NetCologne, a regional provider in the Cologne area, is also one point better than Telekom. It scored 932 points in the test, which is mainly due to its very good data and Web TV results. Compared with the previous year, NetCologne improved by 10 points overall. Competitors M-net in the Munich area (2022: 929 points, 2021: 921 points) and EWE (2022: 913 points, 2021: 901 points) also achieved better results this year.

Away from the other regional providers is the cable network operator Pyur, which operates in Berlin and elsewhere. With 819 points, it achieved a score of “Good,” but is still 94 points behind EWE, although it is still 11 points ahead of Vodafone. Pyur showed major weaknesses in data as well as language and crowdsourcing.

All results at a glance

The results in the 2022 network test
The results of the 2022 network test Photo: Connect

How Connect tests

The network test by Connect and zafaco is considered one of the most important comparisons of Internet providers on the market. The test procedure is standardized, the measurements automated and carried out with connections that customers can book in exactly the same way. For the 2022 network test, the two partners collected over 3.2 million readings in the period from May 9 to June 5, including nighttime maintenance windows to minimize errors caused by work on the network.


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