Turn off Fritzbox WLAN when you’re not at home!

If you don’t need the WLAN or just want to clear the air from radio waves, you can easily do that with the Fritzbox. atechbook reveals three methods how to turn off the WLAN of the Fritzbox.

There are situations where you can do without WLAN in your own home. For example, at night or during vacation when you are not at home anyway. Switching off the WLAN not only reduces the radio load within your own four walls, it also makes the network more secure, as no unknown persons can then dial in from outside. A practical feature is that Fritzbox owners can deactivate the WLAN not only manually, but also automatically at certain times.

Switching off the Fritzbox WLAN via the browser

Open the browser and type “” or “fritz.box” into the address bar. You will now land on the web interface of your router, where you can make settings. Log in with your access data and tap on “WLAN” in the navigation on the left. In the “Wireless network” submenu, you can uncheck “2.4 GHz frequency band active” and “5 GHz frequency band active”. How to deactivate the complete WLAN radio network of the Fritzbox.

Deactivating WLAN radio networks of the Fritzbox
How to deactivate the WLAN radio networks of the Fritzbox Photo: atechbook

Then confirm the changes by clicking “Apply” at the bottom right. To get back to the web interface, you must then be connected by cable, as the WLAN is now switched off.

Forward calls from the fixed network to the cell phone with the Fritzbox

Set up WLAN timer

If you are already on the Fritzbox interface, you also have the option of temporarily deactivating the WLAN here as an alternative to switching it off completely. It then switches on and off again at predefined times. Incidentally, the Fritzbox as mesh master transmits these settings to all network devices such as repeaters. To set the WLAN timeout, proceed as follows:

On the Fritzbox interface, you can reach the “WLAN” tab via the left menu, where you will find the sub-item “Timeout”. Activate the option “Use timer for WLAN radio network” and define when the WLAN radio network should be switched off. The router will then switch the wireless connection on and off at the same time every day.

WLAN timeout on the Fritzbox
You can switch the WLAN on and off at the same time every day. Photo: atechbook

However, if you would like to deactivate the Fritzbox WLAN at different times during the week, you can also define individual settings each day. To do this, click on the item “Disable WLAN wireless network according to schedule”. A weekly view will open, in which you can specify when you want to deactivate the Fritzbox WLAN using a colored marker. This looks like this:

Weekly schedule for the WLAN
Weekly schedule for the WLAN Photo: atechbook

Switch WLAN on and off by phone

Alternatively, you can switch off the WLAN network using a landline telephone connected to the Fritzbox via cable or wirelessly. If the WLAN is already deactivated, you can also switch it back on via the telephone – the detour via the Fritzbox interface is therefore not necessary. To deactivate the WLAN, dial #96*0* on the telephone. To switch it on, dial #96*1*. Afterwards, simply hang up again – there are no costs for the pseudo-phone call.

By the way, if you have a Fritz!Fon, you can also turn the wireless network on or off in the menu via the “Home Network” and “WLAN” menu items.

Deactivate WLAN directly on the Fritzbox

However, the easiest and fastest way to switch off the WLAN is via the device itself. To do this, briefly press the “WLAN / WPS” button on the Fritzbox. When the WLAN LED on the device goes out, the network is deactivated.

If you only want to protect the WLAN against new connections, you can set the network to invisible. This way, only devices that are already connected can find the WLAN. You can also measure how fast the Internet is directly on the Fritzbox.

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