Unlimited tariffs, with which you can surf the Internet on the move without limits

We are living more and more mobile lives. So it’s good that there are rates that allow customers to surf the Internet on the go without limits and completely without throttling. Such unlimited rates are now available not only from the major network operators Telekom, Vodafone and O2. Freenet Funk also has a corresponding rate on offer. atechbook made the comparison.

When we talk about unlimited mobile rates, we are referring to offers where the surfing speed is not throttled after a certain data volume has been used up. Users therefore surf permanently and unthrottled via the network of the respective provider.

With the introduction of Telefónica/O2’s Unlimited rates in February 2020, the choice on the market has grown considerably. Since then, the network operator has been competing in terms of price with the Unlimited rate from Freenet Funk, which was the cheapest offer for a long time. The rates of both providers are structured somewhat differently than the more classic options of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. atechbook explains what the various Unlimited rates differ in detail and for whom which offer is suitable.

Eine Overview aller hier genannten Tarife finden Sie am Ende der Meldung in einer Tabelle.

Freenet Funk Unlimited – the most flexible rate plan

Although the provider Freenet Funk also operates a website, the rate implemented in the Telefónica/O2 network can only be ordered via the app offered for Android and iOS. The app is also used for all communication with the provider, which also uses it to check the customer’s identity, among other things. Customers can manage their contract there, which is necessary due to the unusual rate principle. Instead of booking Freenet Funk Unlimited for a full month or perhaps even for two years, the provider charges per day of use.

Price and rate details

The Freenet Funk Unlimited rate costs 99 cents per day, with billing per calendar day. In return, customers get an allnet flat rate and SMS flat rate, as well as an unlimited Internet flat rate. This allows surfing via LTE max. with up to 225 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream. Freenet Funk uses the O2 network for this. VoLTE and Wifi Calling, i.e. making calls via LTE or WLAN, as well as tethering are also available.

Nutzen Kunden Freenet Funk Unlimited einen vollen Monat, also 30 Tage, entstehen Kosten in Höhe von 29,70 Euro. Damit stellt der Anbieter das derzeit günstigste Unlimited-Angebot auf dem Markt. Auch die flexible Term von nur einem Tag ist einer der Vorteile des Tarifes. Wer möchte, kann die Nutzung von Freenet Funk auch pausieren. Dafür gewährt der Anbieter insgesamt 30 Pausentage pro Kalenderyeshr, die der Kunde flexibel aufteilen kann und die auch dann gewährt werden, wenn der Vertrag erst spät im Jahr abgeschlossen wurde. Jeder weitere Pausentag kostet allerdings 29 Cent. Während der Pause können Nutzer weiterhin SMS versenden und per Flatrate telefonieren. Das Surfen im Internet ist dann jedoch auf eine Geschwindigkeit von maximal 64 kBit/s im Download begrenzt. Eingehende Anrufe werden weiterhin durchgestellt.

Restrictions and notes

Freenet Funk settles the costs incurred via PayPal; there are currently no other payment methods. The SIM card is shipped free of charge, but the provider charges a one-time fee of 10 euross for its activation. The Unlimited rate does not include any services that incur additional costs – it thus remains at 99 cents per day. However, there are two major disadvantages compared with the network operators’ offers: First, users can neither call special numbers nor numbers outside Germany. An alternative for calls abroad is WhatsApp calls, for example. The use of Freenet Funk is also not possible without restrictions when traveling, since the rate is explicitly marketed as a national offer. Customers only receive a data volume of 1 GB per day, which they can surf within the EU. Calls or sending SMS abroad, on the other hand, are not possible.

New PayPal terms of use as of January 28, 2022.

O2 Free Unlimited – three rates directly from the network operator

O2 has three Unlimited rates on offer, the cheapest of which can be booked for just 29.99 euros per month. This makes it almost identical in price to the Freenet Funk offer. Although O2’s rates cannot be billed on a daily basis, the network operator does offer a monthly cancelable version of the two-year contract. This usually costs 5 euros more, but the surcharge is currently waived. O2 also makes differences in the surfing speed.

Price and rate details

In terms of basic structure, the O2 Free Unlimited Basic, Smart and Max rates are very similar. All three include an allnet flat rate for free calls to all German networks, a text message flat rate, and an unlimited Internet flat rate. However, the Internet flat rate differs slightly between the offers.

In O2 Free Unlimited Basic, the surfing speed via LTE is a maximum of 2 Mbit/s downstream and 1 Mbit/s upstream. This is sufficient for those users who mainly want to visit websites, use WhatsApp and stream YouTube in SD quality. With a monthly price of 29.99 euros, Free Unlimited Basic is O2’s cheapest Unlimited rate.

With up to 10 Mbit/s downstream and up to 5 Mbit/s upstream, the O2 Free Unlimited Smart offers a higher bandwidth. It is sufficient for streaming HD content, but also for video telephony and gaming. Another advantage over the Smart rate is the option to use O2’s 5G network free of charge, as long as it is available at the location and users have a 5G smartphone. The O2 Free Unlimited Smart costs 39.99 euros per month.

If customers want the maximum LTE speed of the O2 network, the Free Unlimited Max is the right rate. Here they get the full bandwidth of a maximum of 500 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream. 5G access is also included. However, with a price of 59.99 euros, this offer is also the most expensive.

Term and roaming

Die Term beträgt bei allen drei Angeboten mindestens 24 months. Alternativ können Kunden sich auch für eine einmonatige Term entscheiden. Dann erhöht sich der angegebene Monatspreis allerdings um jeweils 5 Euro (entfällt aktuell). In beiden Fällen berechnet der Provider für die Bereitstellung einmalig 39.99 euros, wobei dieser hin und wieder im Rahmen einer Aktion erlassen wird.

Die O2 Free Unlimited-Tarife können auch im Ausland genutzt werden. Innerhalb der EU sowie in Norwegen, Island und Liechtenstein fallen für Telefonate und SMS dank reguliertem EU roaming dabei keine zusätzlichen Kosten an. Die Internet-Nutzung ist aufgrund der EU-Fair-Use-Policy allerdings begrenzt.

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Restrictions and notes

O2 points out in its rate terms that the O2 Free Unlimited may only be used with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. The offer is therefore not suitable as a stationary replacement for DSL – for example, permanent use in the LTE router at home – despite the included fixed-network number. However, occasional tethering is possible without any problems.

Vodafone Red XL Unlimited – the fastest tariff

Vodafone also offers a rate with unlimited data volume. However, it is no longer actively advertised on the website. However, it can be ordered by phone if desired, as the provider explains on the website set up especially for the Red XL Unlimited.

Price and rate details

Der Red XL Unlimited bietet für 79.99 euros im Monat ebenfalls eine Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat sowie unlimitierte Internet-Flat mit 5G-Nutzung. Mit bis zu 500 Mbit/s im Down- und 100 Mbit/s im Upload sind die Geschwindigkeiten über das LTE-Netz von Vodafone dabei am höchsten. Der Zugang zum 5G-Netz ist Including und somit in entsprechend ausgebauten Gebieten kostenfrei. Die Mindestvertragslaufzeit beträgt 24 months, eine monatlich kündbare Option gib es nicht. Die einmaligen Connectionkosten liegen bei 39.99 euros. Auch Vodafone erlaubt die Nutzung seines Unlimited-Tarifes im EU-Ausland, einschließlich Norwegen, Island und Liechtenstein. Allerdings ist hier die Internet-Nutzung in 2021 mit bis zu 44,8 GB und ab 2021 mit bis zu 53,7 GB innerhalb der EU möglich.

Customers can order up to four additional cards for the Red XL Unlimited rate. Vodafone charges 5 euros per card. They can be reached via the same phone number and access up to 10 GB of data volume.

Restrictions and notes

As with O2, Vodafone also prohibits the use of the tariff as a stationary DSL replacement. Tethering is allowed, however. The provider also points out that it reserves the right of extraordinary termination in case of excessive use of the tariff. Excessive is defined as more than 15,000 call minutes per month.

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Telekom MagentaMobil XL – also as prepaid variant

Deutsche Telekom now even offers two unlimited rates. One offer is the classic MagentaMobil XL, the other its prepaid counterpart MagentaMobil Prepaid Max.

Price and rate details

The provider implements the MagentaMobil XL quite classically in its LTE network. The maximum speeds are 300 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream. As with Vodafone and two of the O2 rates, access to the 5G network is also possible here. In suitably developed regions and with the right end device, users can surf at top speeds in the gigabit range. Deutsche Telekom charges EUR 84.95 per month for the combination of all-net flat rate, text flat rate and Internet flat rate. The minimum contract term is either one or 24 months, and Telekom charges a one-time fee of EUR 39.95 for the connection.

Wer es flexibler mag, greift zum Prepaid-Angebot MagentaMobil Max. Dieses ist mit 99.95 euros pro vier Wochen allerdings kein Schnäppchen. Auch das Startpaket ist mit einmalig 99.95 euros teuer, beinhaltet aber bereits 100 Euro Guthaben. Der Aufbau des Prepaid-Angebotes ist recht ähnlich zu dem der Term-Option. Kunden erhalten eine Allnet-Flat mit SMS-Flat und können unbegrenzt im Internet surfen. Auch die Geschwindigkeit ist mit maximal 300 Mbit/s die gleiche wie beim MagentaMobil XL. Sogar 5G bietet die Telekom in ihrem Unlimited-Prepaid-Tarif ohne Aufpreis an.

The EU roaming conditions of the MagentaMobil XL and MagentaMobil Prepaid Max are identical. However, the network operator reduces Internet usage abroad. Incidentally, usage is also possible in Switzerland and the UK. Telekom has also integrated a hotspot flat rate into its offers. This means that all Telekom hotspots can be used free of charge throughout Germany.

Unlimited rate from 1&1 more expensive than from O2

1&1 uses the O2 network, but operates its rates independently. The 5G XXL Unlimited is a mobile rate plan without throttling. It is very similar to the O2 Free Unlimited Max in many respects.

Price and rate details

At 49.99 euros, the 5G XXL Unlimited from 1&1 costs slightly less than the aforementioned offer from O2 in the first six months. However, the price increases by EUR 20 to EUR 69.99 from the seventh month. If users opt for the monthly cancellation option (note: notice period is 14 days), the price will remain at EUR 69.99 per month.

The key points of the offer are identical to those of the O2 rates. Here, too, users surf at a maximum speed of 500 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream. If available, they can also access the 5G network. Telephony and text messaging are covered by a flat rate. Unlike O2, however, customers on 1&1’s 5G XXL Unlimited also get 100 GB of cloud storage for music, photos, and videos, as well as a service card that promises priority treatment on the hotline, among other things.

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Edeka smart with nasty restriction

Bei Edeka smart handelt es sich um einen Mobilfunk-Discounter, der das Netz der telekom nutzt. Bei den angeboten Tarifen handelt es sich um Prepaid-Angebote mit einer Term von jeweils vier Wochen. Das Unlimited-Angebot trägt hier den Namen kombi Max.

Price and rate details

94.95 euros kostet der kombi Max von Edeka smart. Das ist ein satter Preis, wenn das Angebot auch 5 Euro günstiger ist als der direkt von der Telekom vermarktete Prepaid-Tarif. Das Startpaket kostet ebenfalls 94.95 euros, ein Guthaben von 100 Euro ist Including.

Users have access to an all-network and SMS flat rate, as well as Telekom’s HotSpot flat rate. The maximum bandwidth is 300 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream – identical to the network operator. However, there is no access to the 5G network. There is also a restriction that only appears on the product information sheet. The speed of 300 Mbit/s only applies to the first gigabytes. After 8 GB of consumption, Edeka smart throttles the bandwidth to 32 kbit/s downstream and 16 kbit/s upstream. Fast Internet surfing is then no longer possible, which contradicts the benefits of an unlimited flat rate.

All rates in the comparison table

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Freenet Funk Unlimited O2 Free Unlimited Basic O2 Free Unlimited Smart O2 Free Unlimited Max Vodafone Red XL Telekom MagentaMobil XL Telekom MagentaMobil Prepaid Max 1&1 5G XXL Unlimited Edeka smart combi Max
Cost per month 29,70 Euro 29.99 euros
Flex: 29.99 euros
39.99 euros
Flex: 39.99 euros
59.99 euros
Flex: 59.99 euros
79.99 euros 84.85 euros 99.95 euros 1-6 months: 49.99 euros, then 69.99 euros.
Flex: 69,99 Euro
94.95 euros
Connection 10 euros 39.99 euros (currently waived for term) 39.99 euros (currently waived for term) 39.99 euros (currently waived for term) 39.99 euros 39.95 euros 99.95 euros (incl. 100 euros starting credit) 39.90 euros 94.95 euros (inkl. 100 Euro Startguthaben)
Term 1 day 24 / 1 month(s) 24 / 1 month(s) 24 / 1 month(s) 24 months 24 / 1 month(s) 28 days 24 / 1 month(s) 28 days
5G no no yes yes yes yes yes yes no
Downstream / Uptstream 225 / 50 Mbit/s 2 / 1 Mbit/s 10 / 5 Mbit/s 500 / 50 Mbit/s 500 / 100 Mbit/s 300 / 50 Mbit/s 300 / 50 Mbit/s 500 / 50 Mbit/s 300 / 50 Mbit/s; from 8 GB throttling to 32/16 kBit/s
EU roaming Data 1 GB per day, calls and SMS not possible. Including Including Including Including Including Including Including Including
Other Can only be ordered via app Can only be ordered via hotline with HotSpot Flat with HotSpot Flat 100 GB Cloud-Speicher Including

Status: February 2022

atechbook says

“Dank Freenet Funk gibt es eine echte Alternative zu den großen Netzbetreibern. Der Unlimited-Tarif bietet zumindest innerhalb Deutschlands nahezu alle Vorteile, die auch die großen Provider bieten: Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat und eben die unbegrenzte Internet-Flat. Dabei ist das Angebot sogar flexibler. Der Preisvorteil von Freenet Funk ist mit der Einführung der neuen Unlimited-Tarife von O2 im Frühyeshr 2020 jedoch verschwunden. Das Basic-Angebot des Netzbetreibers kostet nahezu genauso viel, bietet allerdings den Vorteil der EU-Option. In der Geschwindigkeit ist Freenet Funk wiederum besser gestellt. In den etwas teureren Tarifen ist der 5G-Zugang mittlerweile Including. Das gilt sowohl für O2 als auch Vodafone und die Telekom. Letztere hat sogar einen unlimitierten Prepaid-Tarif im Angebot – auch wenn dieser preislich recht teuer ausfällt. Alles in allem zeigt die Overview, welch hohen Stellenwert die “echten Flatrates” bei den Anbietern haben. Die Auswahl an passenden Angeboten ist mittlerweile stark gewachsen, wovon Kunden nur profitieren können.” – Rita Deutschbein, Redakteurin