Vodafone closes deal with a hangover

A cat with its own Internet contract – does not exist? Yes, there is! Such a curious case between Vodafone and cat Gysmo happened recently in Germany.

Customer care and doorstep selling are still high on the agenda for many companies. This was also the case at network operator Vodafone. A customer service representative visited a long-time Vodafone customer and introduced her to the latest products. After a nice conversation, during which both women also talked about tomcat Gysmo, the only other resident in the household, the customer clearly spoke out against the conclusion of possible changes or extensions to her Vodafone contract. The consultant would thus have had to leave without having achieved anything, but she had other plans.

Vodafone provides hangover with triple flat rate

A few days after the conversation, the Vodafone customer received a package containing contract documents and terminal equipment for a new Vodafone contract. The recipient: Gysmo the cat. The Vodafone consultant had simply drawn up a new contract for an Internet and telephone flat rate including a TV package for a Mr. Gysmo. In doing so, she had used the address as well as the account data of the already existing Vodafone customer. What actually seems impossible caused weeks of trouble for the customer.

Although she had contacted Vodafone customer support several times and explained that Gysmo was a hangover, the contract continued to exist and the provider diligently debited the monthly fees from the woman’s account. At some point, she had enough and withdrew the direct debit authorization from Vodafone. Vodafone, in turn, responded to the subsequent lack of payment with reminders, later with a debt collection notice and finally even with a court order to pay.

In desperation, the Vodafone customer turned to the Bremen consumer advice center, which took up the case and contacted the provider. Only now did Vodafone respond to the objection that a tomcat had been added as a contractual partner and that the contract was therefore invalid. The contract was canceled and the customer received her money back for bills already paid.

Vodafone dismisses dubious consultant without notice

What sounds like a bad joke actually happened that way. The case already occurred in 2019, and the Bremen consumer center has now made it public. Vodafone has confirmed what happened and has since apologized to the customer. The dubious consultant was dismissed by the provider without notice after the incident became known, as Vodafone told Golem. Her concern was probably to get the commission for a new contract, which the company pays to independent consultants.

It is not known why Vodafone continued the contract with the hangover at all, despite the customer’s objections. It is possible that she missed the statutory 14-day cancellation period. However, it is also possible that the customer support team acted incorrectly. After all, the customer had explained to him several times that “Mr. Gysmo” was not a person but a cat.

How to cancel your phone contract without a rude awakening

The consumer advice center advises users to be cautious about door-to-door sales. In no case one should be pressed and sign something hastily. If you have nevertheless agreed and later change your mind, you can and should make use of your 14-day right of withdrawal.