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Who are Aldi Talk’s prepaid annual rates suitable for?

In addition to its traditional prepaid rates, Aldi also offers annual rates via its mobile communications brand Aldi Talk. There are a total of three offers to choose from. What exactly they include and for whom the annual rates are worthwhile, atechbook reveals in the rate check.

Aldi Talk’s annual rates are not available permanently. The mobile discounter offers them during the promotional period from June 9 to July 10, 2022. Even before that, however, the three rates were marketed from time to time. All three packages can be booked with a one-off payment and can then be used for a full year. The costs range from EUR 59.99 to EUR 149, with the packages differing primarily in terms of the data volume included. But who are the annual rates suitable for, and which of the three should you choose?

Three different annual rates from Aldi Talk

Aldi Talk offers its prepaid rates on the O2 network. Customers can top up their credit either by bank transfer or via a voucher, which is available in Aldi stores, for example. In the case of an annual rate, however, it is not necessary to book an option every month, since all services are already included for 365 days from the time of booking and are settled with one payment. The packages offered are therefore theoretically also suitable as gifts.

With the Aldi Talk XS, S and L annual packages, there are a total of three annual rates to choose from. All of them include a telephone flat rate to the German networks and a text message flat rate that covers the call minutes and text messages during the year. There is also a data flat rate with LTE access, although the inclusive volume available varies.

The XS annual rate from Aldi Talk is the cheapest with a one-off price of 59.99 euros. Here, customers get 12 GB of data volume in addition to the phone and SMS flat rate. It is valid for the entire year of use, so it has to be divided up independently. This means that 1 GB of data is available per month if it is divided up exactly. If customers surf more, they have to save in another month. Conversely, they also have more data volume in the following months if they were frugal beforehand. Once the included data volume has been used up, the surfing speed drops from 25 Mbit/s down and 10 Mbit/s up to just 64 kbit/s. This means that customers who use an average of 1 GB of data per month have to save more in the following months.

If an average of 1 GB data volume per month is not enough for you, you can choose between the two other annual rates from Aldi Talk. The annual package S for 99.99 euros, for example, comes with 50 GB, which corresponds to an average of 4.16 GB per month. Here, too, the maximum speed is 25 Mbit/s. The L annual package is the offer with the most data volume. Here, customers get a total of 100 GB – which corresponds to an average of 8.3 GB per month. However, at a one-time charge of 149 euros, it is also the most expensive package.

Annual package XS Annual package S Annual package L
One-time costs 59,99 Euro 99,99 Euro 149 Euro
average costs
per month
4,99 Euro 8,33 Euro 12,41 Euro
Telephony/SMS Flat rate Flat rate Flatrate
Data volume
per year
12 GB 50 GB 100 GB
average data volume
per month
1 GB 4.16 GB 8.3 GB
Down/Up 25 / 10 Mbit/s 25 / 10 Mbit/s 25 / 10 Mbit/s
Throttling to 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s
Network O2 O2 O2

Annual package or smart tariff? Which is more worthwhile?

Overall, the prices of the three annual rates are based on the regular prepaid rates offered by Aldi Talk – with the exception of the XS annual package, for which there is no comparable monthly rate.

Measured in terms of monthly data volume, the Annual Rate S is closest to the prepaid rate Package S with 3 GB for 7.99 euros. The annual rate thus includes more than 1 GB more data volume per month, while the average costs are slightly higher. All in all, however, customers are better off with the annual rate from Aldi Talk.

They can also save significantly with the annual rate L. The average data volume of 8.3 GB corresponds most closely to that of the M package with 6 GB, which costs 12.99 euros per 28 days. In the annual package, the monthly costs average EUR 12.41, which is even cheaper with just under two and a half gigabytes more per month.

Annual package S Package S Annual package L Package M
Cost per month 8,33 Euro (*1) 7,99 Euro 12,41 Euro (*1) 12,99 Euro
Telephony/SMS Flat rate Flat rate Flat rate Flatrate
Data volume
per month
4.16 GB (*2) 3 GB 8.3 GB (*2) 6 GB
Down/Up 25 / 10 Mbit/s 25 / 10 Mbit/s 25 / 10 Mbit/s 25 / 10 Mbit/s
Throttling to 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s
Network O2 O2 O2 O2

*1: One-time annual price calculated by 12 months *2: Data volume of the annual package divided by 12 months

Samsung smartphone bundled for a good price

Aldi Talk also sells the annual packages in a bundle with a smartphone. Customers pay a one-time fee of 159 euros for the XS annual package with Samsung Galaxy A03s. The smartphone is thus available at a very low price.

A comparison on shows that the Samsung Galaxy A03s is currently available for a total price of 142.85 euros. The regular price for the annual package is 59.99 Euros, which adds up to 202.84 Euros. But the bundle only costs 159 Euros – a saving of 43.84 Euros compared to buying it individually.

Those interested in the smartphone can find the most important features in the table:

Samsung Galaxy A03s
Display 6.5 inch LCD with 1600 x 720 pixels
Processor Mediatek Helio P35,
Octa-Core with up to 2.3 GHz
Memory 32 GB + 3 GB
Front camera 5 MP
Rear camera Triple camera
13 MP wide angle
2 MP macro
2 MP depth sensor
Battery 5000 mAh
Internet and connectivity WLAN b/g/n, LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
System Android 11
Other Dual-SIM, fingerprint sensor on the side, expandable memory

Who are the annual rates suitable for?

Aldi Talk’s annual rates are especially suitable for those who want full cost control. Once paid, customers can make calls and surf the Internet without worry. To be able to select the right rate, however, you need to know your approximate data consumption. The three offers are not very flexible in this area. If you choose a package that is too small, the included data volume can run out at the end of the year. If you buy the large and expensive package, you may still have data volume left over and end up paying too much.

Before booking one of Aldi Talk’s annual rates, interested parties should therefore check how much they surf the Internet on average each month. The approximate data consumption can be viewed on the smartphone, for example, in the network or mobile settings under “Data usage”. Depending on the operating system, the section may have a slightly different name.

The small XS annual package should be sufficient for WhatsApp and average web browsing. Those who stream music and/or videos, on the other hand, should go for one of the larger packages.


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