With 999 GB data! The new prepaid tariff from O2 in check

O2 now offers a new prepaid rate plan that scores with one thing in particular: plenty of data volume. Users get a whopping 999 GB per billing period. Nevertheless, the rate is only recommendable for a few users.

Prepaid rates are convenient because users can flexibly book or deselect a rate every four weeks, do not have a long contract commitment and have full cost control thanks to the credit option. O2’s new rate is aimed precisely at users who want to remain as flexible as possible. my Prepaid Max.

O2 my Prepaid Max – what’s inside

The rate comes with quite a bit of performance. On the one hand, it includes the almost classic all-net flat rate with SMS flat rate, which covers phone calls and text messages to all German networks. In addition, there is a mobile Internet flat rate with LTE Max, i.e., a speed of up to 225 Mbit/s via O2’s LTE network. Thanks to EU roaming, all three flat rates can also be used in other EU countries as well as in Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

As with all of O2’s prepaid rates, the my Prepaid Max has a term of 28 days and no cancellation period. It can be booked or canceled either online or via the my O2 app. Users should also do the latter, because the rate is automatically extended by four weeks if there is enough credit on the prepaid card.

With a data volume of 999 GB, the O2 my Prepaid Max almost on a par with the Unlimited rates. This is because such a high inclusive volume is likely to be difficult to use up within 28 days. Accordingly, the mobile provider also advertises the rate as “the right choice for all power users who need extra data for mobile Internet in the short term or in the long term.

Unlimited rates, which allow unlimited mobile Internet surfing.

O2 offers alternatives in-house

With a price of EUR 69.99 per booking, the O2 my Prepaid Max is anything but cheap, though. In general, providers often pay well for the flexibility of prepaid. So it’s not surprising that O2 itself offers cheaper alternatives in its term segment. One example is the O2 Free Unlimited Basic Flex. The rate has a term of only one month, but is traded as a term contract. It is thus not quite as flexible as the prepaid option, since users have to actively cancel their contract when switching and have a new one set up accordingly.

However, the term option is not inferior to the O2 my Prepaid Max has advantages, especially in terms of price. The offer costs just 34.99 euros per month, but includes an allnet and SMS flat rate, EU roaming, and an unlimited data flat rate. Even 5G can be used, provided the new standard is available in the region. This is allowed by the O2 my Prepaid Max does not. Users should note, however, that the maximum speed of the O2 Free Unlimited Basic Flex is limited to 2 Mbit/s – a catch that not everyone likes. So they surf faster with the prepaid option. But here, too, O2 has an alternative on offer that provides up to 500 Mbit/s downstream. The O2 Free Unlimited Max Flex costs 64.99 euros with a one-month term and is thus also cheaper than the prepaid offer. The structure is otherwise identical to the Basic.

Our opinion

In and of itself, the O2 my Prepaid Max is not a bad rate and expands the selection of prepaid options at O2. As the provider itself writes, it is designed for a special user base. Namely, for those who need a lot of data volume for a short period and as flexibly as possible. Users, on the other hand, who are a bit more consistent in their choice of rate plans, will find significantly cheaper alternatives at O2 that hardly offer less – if not better – performance. However, this requires customers to commit more strongly to O2.


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