You should not answer these numbers in May

Calls from unknown numbers are a common occurrence. These are often spam calls with a less than serious background. atechbook lists the numbers that are currently causing the most trouble.

The companies and call centers behind the spam phone numbers call at every conceivable time of day and night. Usually even several times in quick succession. The reason: computers often take over the calls, frequently testing a number until they get a response at the other end. As a result, callers who answer a call from such an unknown number often hear a crackling and hissing noise on the line before they are connected to an employee – if at all.

The callers are often based in call centers and have only one mission: to request data from the person called and lure them into flimsy sweepstakes or dubious contracts. In the worst case, such a call can be really expensive for the recipient. Advertising calls of this kind are however legally forbidden, if the called person did not permit them explicitly. Of course, the companies and call centers know this, too, and try to divert attention from themselves and avoid trouble by changing their phone numbers again and again. Sometimes they change the complete phone number, sometimes only the back digits.

For this reason, the list of spam phone numbers active during a period of time is constantly changing. It is a good thing that many sufferers report spam numbers to the Federal Network Agency. The agency has the option of imposing penalties or even blocking phone numbers. In any case, it creates a list of numbers that are currently particularly active.

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These spam phone numbers are currently particularly active

The app operator “Clever Dialer” also takes a similar approach. Users can use the app to enter phone numbers that are bothering them and block them if they wish. Based on the data, Clever Dialer compiles a monthly list of spam phone numbers that are currently causing the most trouble.

Clever Dialer categorizes advertising calls, competitions and cost traps accordingly. In the past few weeks, the following telephone numbers have been the most frequently complained about by callers in Germany:

Telephone number Area code Type of call
03016637169 +49 (Germany) Cost trap
06920436149 +49 (Germany) Other
+31686390365 +31 (Netherlands) Sweepstakes
061194583283 +49 (Germany) Other
015212895454 +49 (Germany) Others
030439729066 +49 (Germany) Others
015217828228 +49 (Germany) Cost trap
080020033407 +49 (Germany) Sweepstake
015783349220 +49 (Germany) Sweepstake
04065589050 +49 (Germany) Advertising

Status: May 2022

The top spam call number from previous months – 06920436149 – has moved up to number 2 this month. Since February, it has occupied the top of the list of the most annoying spam call numbers without interruption. Affected people sometimes report more than a dozen calls a day from this number, with callers citing advertisements for bogus contracts, among other reasons, as the reason for the call. The new number in first place is also an old acquaintance. At 03016637169 from Berlin, callers are enticed with an alleged prize in a sweepstake from Aldi. New, on the other hand, are calls from an alleged “dunning office in Berlin” under the spam number 015783349220, which contacted the called parties about a dunning procedure.

Users should also beware of 030439729066. This is because only the last number of this spam number has been changed. Previously, it was listed as 030439729064, 030439729063 or 030439729062. If you had already blocked the number, the small change will make it unrecognizable as such and you will have to enter it again.

Block spam calls

Fortunately, however, consumers can do something about phone spam. If they have staying power, they can simply ignore calls from unknown numbers. Even better, however, is to use the Internet to determine their origin. To do this, they enter a spam phone number that appears repeatedly on their phone into the search bar of their browser. This often reveals who is behind the calls.

If the number is questionable, it can be blocked easily and free of charge via most routers and smartphones. There is a small catch: unfortunately, blocking only works for a specific phone number. If companies change their spam numbers, they have to be added to the list of blocked lines.

Via landline

Many routers from Netgear, D-Link, the Fritzboxes from AVM and others offer the option of blocking phone numbers in the menu under the “Phone” or “Landline” tab. Calls from these connections are then no longer put through to the phone. The phone will then simply stop ringing and the line owner will not be bothered any further.

On Android smartphones

Android phone owners can also block spam phone numbers via their Google account. To do so, they open their smartphone’s phone app and click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner. Under “Spam” or “Block”, all unwanted numbers can now be entered here. If you like, you can even ignore all unknown numbers. Then the phone will only put through calls from contacts stored in the address book.

On the iPhone

Of course, blocking certain phone numbers also works on Apple’s iPhone. To do this, users go to their call log and select the corresponding call. Click on the button for more information, then a new page opens with the “Block callers” command displayed at the bottom.

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If companies call from a blocked number, they can still leave a voicemail message, but the called party will not receive any notification about it. They will also not know that they have been blocked by the recipient.


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