5 fun multiplayer games for PC and consoles

Lonely in front of the computer was yesterday. Modern video games increasingly rely on a shared gaming experience. We present five games that only show their true greatness in a team.

Saving the world alone is a lonely business. So it’s nice when the burden is spread across several shoulders. Multiplayer games can be played comfortably from the couch on one screen or via the Internet. There is no such thing as going it alone. Instead, team play and a lot of fun. There’s something for everyone in our selection – from tactics tinkerers to party cooks.

1.) Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft mixes horror with tactics in “Rainbow Six Extraction”. After aliens have landed on Earth, a handful of elite soldiers must finish them off. There is no more story, “Extraction” concentrates entirely on the challenging fights in tight spaces and dark corners.

Up to three players go into battle against the computer-controlled aliens in this multiplayer game. Instead of wild baller action from the first-person perspective, the focus is on tactics. Most of the time, the players creep carefully through the corridors in a crouching position, scan the environment and only approach their target slowly.

The tasks are varied: sometimes you have to take out particularly strong enemies, destroy alien nests or free prisoners.

Each team member has different abilities such as a healing gun or controls drones to scan the environment. The combination of the individual player classes promotes team play, because no one is all-powerful and can shoot his way through the alien mob as “Rambo”.

“Rainbow Six: Extraction” is not a game for hotheads. In the higher difficulty levels, every action provides a thrill, because virtual death can be lurking around the next corner. Once the aliens are startled, the mission is quickly over. In principle, a player can also go out alone, but only in a team does “Rainbow Six: Extraction” unfold countless tactical possibilities for weeks of fun.

Worth playing because: Hardly any other game combines challenging fights and scary moments as well as “Rainbow Six Extraction”. Teamwork is everything here, because those who go it alone quickly end up as monster fodder.

“Rainbow Six Extraction,” Ubisoft, for Xbox One/Series, PS4/5, PC, Google Stadia, USK 16+.

2.) It Takes Two

In “It Takes Two” from the developer studio Hazelight, the quarrelsome couple May and Cody go astray. Accidentally bewitched by their own daughter, they turn into miniature dolls. Suddenly, toys come to life and bees become deadly giant monsters in this multiplayer game.

Until the couple reconciles and embraces their daughter again, they have to go through numerous adventures in house and garden. An omniscient living book plays an important role in the process. “It Takes Two” is the ideal couples game: heartfelt, funny and a little crazy.

As May and Cody, players face a mix of action, puzzles and skill tests. In the split screen, they climb book mountains, glide along toy trains, and even end up in a kind of cyberspace. Each section offers new worlds and varied challenges. Each time they have to combine their skills to advance.

The splendidly staged adventure even manages to walk the tightrope between serious family drama and hilarious comedy. The way May and Cody get into chaos together, argue and reconcile in the end could also be the stuff of a feature film. This is probably one of the reasons why “It Takes Two” has won several awards.

Worth playing because: The original mix of varied game tasks and heartfelt story entertains from the first to the last minute. The production and story are reminiscent of movies like “Toy Story”.

“It Takes Two,” Hazelight Studios, Electronic Arts, for Xbox One/Series, PS4/5, PC, USK from 12.

3.) Overcooked

Spoon out and fire up the stove! In the skill game “Overcooked” from Overtown Games, players become the chef. In a bird’s eye view, they chop and cook as cuddly cartoon characters. Take a breath? Take a break and lazily hang out in the corner? You can’t.

Only those who execute every step perfectly under time pressure will be rewarded with a decent amount of points. Party atmosphere is guaranteed. An internet connection is not necessary, because the multiplayer game can be played comfortably from the couch on one screen. Overtown Games has created a chaotic and fun kitchen adventure for up to four players.

At first, preparing soups or burgers is still simple, but the devil is in the details. If you don’t follow the right order, you’ll cause chaos in an otherwise well-oiled kitchen. Obstacles like trucks or moving surfaces make things more difficult in the 30 or so levels.

The highlights are absurdly funny boss fights in which the noble chefs have to save the world. No one should expect a realistic kitchen simulation. In “Overcooked”, the focus is on fun.

The concept was so successful that a sequel has since been released. In addition to new levels, this one also supports online games between the numerous fans. The “All You Can Eat” edition includes the Complete Menu: Part 1 and 2 for PS5 and Xbox Series nicely polished up. With the new cross-play feature, players of different gaming platforms can go at it together.

Worth playing because: The chaotic haute cuisine of “Overcooked” is noisy. However, no one should be fooled by the hectic shell. Without team coordination, even the omelet will char.

“Overcooked 1- 2”, Overtown Games, Team 17, for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, USK from 6.

4.) Sea of Thieves

If movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or The Red Corsair make your eyes glaze over, you should take note of Sea of Thieves. In the cooperative pirate adventure from Rare, players can take to the seas as buccaneers in a colorful comic look. Exciting sea battles, boarding ships or thrilling treasure hunts on land are the order of the day in this stormy pirate adventure.

At the beginning of the pirate career is the crew. The helm or the lookout must first be manned before heading out to sea. The highlight: Not only computer-controlled opponents make the area unsafe. Often there are fights with other human pirate crews. In addition, there are missions in shady outposts to find treasures or even track down witches.

On the other hand, the game does not have a continuous story. Everyone’s only goal is to make plenty of loot and become a pirate legend in the end. “Sea of Thieves” is a phenomenon. When it was released in 2018, there was a lot of criticism about the small scope of the game and many technical errors. The development studio has taken this to heart. Improvements were made in many places.

In the meantime, the multiplayer game has become a plump pirate adventure that has played its way into the hearts of around 25 million players. This makes it a good example of “Games as a Service”: games that are supplied with content by the developers even years after their release.

Worth playing because: Kids’ dreams come true with this multiplayer game. Sail the seas with a select crew, board ships and discover the big wide world – pirate life has rarely been so much fun.

“Sea of Thieves”, Rare, Microsoft Studios, for Xbox One/Series, PC, USK from 12.

5.) Monster Hunter: World

In “Monster Hunter: World” everything is one size bigger: big monsters, huge swords and great spectacle. Japanese gamers and players have been familiar with the successful formula of monster hunting and equipment gathering for about two decades through numerous predecessors.

However, it wasn’t until the latest spin-off “World” that the series made its breakthrough in the West. With around 20 million games sold, “Monster Hunter: World” is one of the most successful action role-playing games of recent years.

The developers’ variety of ideas knows no bounds in this multiplayer game: awe-inspiring ice dragons, horned beasts hiding in the desert sand or floating jellyfish demand team spirit and skill from the hunters.

Up to four players set out together to kill or capture the monsters. Instead of just hitting the monster, the hunters have to read tracks and lay traps before they can catch the huge monster. When it is finally killed, they can loot. Armor and claws contain valuable raw materials that can be processed into powerful weapons or armor. With the right equipment, the possibilities grow to dare even bigger monsters.

The game world is huge and the monsters quickly become stubborn opponents. If you want to tackle the really big monsters, you need the perfect equipment and the right tactics. Thanks to many entry-level aids, even newcomers will quickly become successful hunters. However, ambitious “Monster Hunter” players should bring along a lot of time and a dedicated team to explore the mysterious fantasy realm of “Monster Hunter: World” to explore every last corner.

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Worth playing because: Real teamwork is required when going up against big dragons. Thanks to the huge scope of the game, monster hunters can occupy themselves with the game for weeks.

“Monster Hunter: World”, Capcom, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, USK from 12.