A mistake that buyers of the Nintendo Switch OLED should not make

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been available in stores since early October. While the console brings welcome improvements, there is one small detail that could become a problem.

The new version of the Nintendo Switch comes with a larger and more colorful OLED display. The display now has a glass cover, unlike the previous Switch and Switch Lite, which both come with a plastic cover. The problem with this is that there is another layer over the glass, but it is better not to remove it.

Protective film on the Switch OLED should prevent injuries

Since glass covers the display on the Nintendo Switch OLED, another protective layer is necessary. Unlike the plastic cover used so far, the glass can break into many small pieces. Nintendo has therefore applied an adhesive film to the glass to prevent it from bursting. The principle is similar to laminated glass in cars, which prevents glass splinters from breaking off in the event of a window break. The previous Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite do not have this problem, as no sharp-edged splinters are produced when the plastic layer above the display is damaged.

Buyers should not remove the protective film over the screen glass of the Nintendo Switch OLED. In response to an atechbook inquiry, Nintendo Germany was able to confirm that the health and safety settings on the console itself state, “The OLED display of the Nintendo Switch console (HEG-001 only) is covered with a film layer that serves to prevent shattering in the event of damage. Do not peel it off.” Unfortunately, Nintendo could not tell us whether you would damage the screen by pulling off the foil.

Users can apply another protective film to the Switch OLED at any time. Nintendo itself sells corresponding products in its own store.

Not the first time that a protective film causes problems

If this problem sounds familiar, it is because we experienced a similar situation with the original Samsung Galaxy Fold from 2019. Here, there was also another protective film over the soft display cover. Since many smartphones are shipped from the factory with a protective film, many users thought they had to remove the film. However, this resulted in damage to the display itself in many cases. In the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung has therefore covered the foil under the casing’s edge so that the edges are no longer visible and accessible for users.

Nintendo Switch OLED now available

In contrast to the previous Nintendo Switch, the new OLED model has received some improvements. Not only has the screen grown from 6 to 7 inches. Due to the change from an LCD panel to an OLED panel, the colors are richer and black tones are really black. In addition, the Switch OLED has better speakers and a more stable kickstand to stand the console on. Inside, there is now twice as much memory with 64 gigabytes. Also new is the LAN port on the docking station. The console is available in white/black and red/blue for just under 360 euros. Meanwhile, the previous Switch has dropped in price to just under 290 euros.

However, those who still have the “old” Switch do not necessarily have to switch to the OLED model. You can find out why in the video:


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