Amazon Alexa gets new voices and a new name

The Amazon Echo with Alexa voice control is one of the most widely used smart speakers. Now Alexa gets new voices and a new activation word on demand.

Until now, anyone who wanted to ask Alexa something, play music via her or start other commands could choose from four activation words. The most popular one – “Alexa” – is already preset. However, “Computer”, “Amazon” or “Echo” could also be selected on request to address the smart devices. Now, however, Amazon has not only announced a new name for Alexa. The company is also putting new voices for Alexa up for election at the same time.

Alexa gets new female voice and a new male voice

The rollout of the new voice for Alexa has already begun and should gradually reach all Echo owners in Germany and Austria in the coming days. The new voice – or rather voices, because there are two to choose from – can be activated via voice command. To do so, users simply have to speak the command “Alexa, change your voice.” The new female voice is somewhat reminiscent of the previous one, but sounds younger and clearer. There is also a new male voice that sounds very deep and even a bit grumpy. Both can be listened to in an audio sample here:

The new voice options support dynamic language selection, which means Alexa understands both English and German requests and commands. Amazon had already introduced the bilingual option on its Echo devices a year ago, in November 2020.

New activation word for Amazon Echo starting in 2022.

Many users have long wanted the option of giving Alexa a new name, if not a name they had created themselves. Amazon is now at least somewhat accommodating this wish. As early as next year, Amazon will introduce “Ziggy”, another activation word on the Echo alongside “Alexa”, “Computer” “Echo” and “Amazon” on. The switch is made in the Alexa app under “Devices”, “Echo and Alexa” and then in the settings of the respective speaker. Incidentally, the voice for Alexa can also be selected in the same field if users do not want to do this via voice command.

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