Amazon could launch its own TV in October

Will Amazon launch its own TV before the end of the year? At least that’s what reports on the Internet suggest. But what is the truth about the Amazon TV?

Amazon has already released several devices under its own name – from (failed) smartphones to e-book readers, streaming sticks, tablets, and the smart Alexa speaker. However, apart from a model developed especially for India, Amazon has not yet launched its own TV. But that could soon change.

Amazon TVs with Fire TV OS and Alexa.

Wie “Business Insider” exklusiv von internen Sourcen erfahren haben möchte, soll Amazon seinen Fernseher bereits im Oktober auf den Markt bringen. Zwar bietet der Online-Händler in den westlichen Märkten wie Europa und den USA auch schon TV-Geräte mit Amazon-Branding und integrierter Fire TV-Software an, doch wurden diese bislang von Herstellern wie Toshiba, Grundig oder TCL produziert. Nun soll aber ein TV kommen, den Amazon selbst entwickelt hat und unter eigenem Namen verkauft.

According to the report, Amazon relies on its Fire TV OS interface and the Alexa voice assistant for its TV. The user interface not only provides access to the in-house streaming service Amazon Prime Video, but also to the Netflix offerings. Good prerequisites to compete against rivals like Samsung and LG. The TVs should also meet the demand for large screens – Amazon is apparently planning diagonals of 55 to 75 inches.

For whom are the new spherical Echos from Amazon worthwhile?

Nothing is yet known about the further hardware equipment of the Amazon TVs. There is also no information about who Amazon will buy components from, such as the screen, and whether the planned model will be an LCD or OLED TV. The company will probably not manufacture the screen itself, but will get it from suppliers like other TV manufacturers.

The Amazon TV is initially planned for the USA. The name of the device has not yet been decided. However, names such as “Amazon Fire TV” or “Amazon Echo TV” are possible.


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