Amazon unveils first home robot of its own, “Astro” and Echo Show 15

Amazon has introduced a number of new hardware. Included is a new Echo Show as well as Astro, the company’s first robot. atechbook presents the Amazon novelties.

In the run-up to the event, which was broadcast live from the US, it was only known that Amazon would present new products as well as new services. Shortly before, the company had already presented the new Fire TV 4K Max and new Kindle eReaders. This evening, the focus was then primarily on the new Amazon Echo Show 15 as well as Astro, a robot with Alexa connection.

Amazon Echo Show 15 as a control center on the wall

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is to be the central control center for all smart home devices with Alexa connection in the future. It is hung on the wall and can be used as a 15.6-inch smart display, as a second TV with connection to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, or as an interactive digital picture frame. The Full HD resolution display also allows touch inputs. Using suitable widgets, users can directly control paired devices and see their status, have access to their calendar or personal notes.

The Echo Show 15 displays the new widgets
The Echo Show 15 displays the new widgets Photo: Amazon

Visually, the Amazon Echo Show 15 looks like a framed picture. In the upper left corner is a small camera, which is also used for video calls. The new Echo Show 15 supports the classic applications of an Echo Show. This includes the “drop-in” function, which can be used to call other Echos. If you want more privacy, you can deactivate the camera and the integrated microphone.

The new Echo is powered by the quad-core Amazon AZ2 processor with Neural Engine. It processes requests faster than the AZ1 and is able to recognize faces. Alexa calls the function “Visual ID”. It is supposed to make the use even more personal, since users always get the information that suits them as well as the private playlist. The prerequisite is that they have created a visual ID in their profile. Users can edit or delete their own profile at any time. The Echo Show 15 costs 249.99 euros and is also available in Germany, according to Amazon. A matching stand is available separately.

Round Amazon Echo and Echo Dot in the test

Amazon presents first Alexa robot

Astro is the name of the first robot of its own that Amazon has presented. It is about the size of a small dog, rolls around on two large wheels and has a moving tablet with a camera as its face. The robot is intended to be more than “Alexa on wheels,” according to the company. In the back, it has storage space in which, for example, bottles, glasses or other things can be stored and transported by Astro to other rooms by voice command.

Further innovations from Amazon

During its presentation, Amazon also introduced other devices, but there is no information about a possible release in Germany yet either.

One of these is the new smart thermostat that Amazon has developed in collaboration with Honeywell Home. Thanks to Alexa connectivity, it can be used to change the temperature in the room by voice command. However, the thermostat also shows the current temperature on the display and allows direct input thanks to touch buttons. In the U.S., the Amazon Smart Thermostat launches at a price of $59.99.

For health-conscious users, Amazon presented the new generation of the Halo wristband, which is not yet available in this country. The new Halo View now has an integrated AMOLED color display and serves as a fitness and sleep tracker. In combination with the new “Halo Fitness” service, users are supposed to become more active step by step, while the “Halo Nutrition” service, which is also new, helps them eat healthier and more consciously, according to Amazon.

The new Amazon Glow
The new Amazon Glow Photo: Amazon

Amazon Glow is a mixture of camera, display and projector. The device is specially designed for children and allows the family to interact with them even from a distance. They can talk to the children via video on the 8-inch display and play games, read or complete learning tasks with them at the same time. To do this, the projector projects a 19-inch image with the corresponding content onto the corresponding mat. Amazon is initially only offering the Glow in the USA. There it starts at a price of $249.99.