Best game chosen for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC respectively

The Gamescom game fair started on August 25 with the Opening Night. In addition to many trailers, the winners of the Gamescom Awards 2021 could also be seen.

Like last year, Gamescom 2021 will be held purely virtually. The reason for this is the ongoing Corona situation. Gaming fans need not be sad, however. Because the initiators of the trade show are also putting together a great program online. There will be new game launches anyway, and the live streams and trailers can be watched from the comfort of your own home. In keeping with this, the Gamescom Awards 2021 were presented to the best game shown at the trade fair for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The winners of the Gamescom Awards 2021

The Gamescom Awards 2021 are special in that the winners are not yet available in stores. A jury of experts will select their favorites from the game presentations at the fair. The title “best game for console XY or PC” is therefore a thing of the future – but it also makes for real anticipation. Here are the winners broken down by console:

Best Xbox Game: Halo Infinite

The new Halo part will hit the stores on December 8, 2021. This was confirmed at Gamescom. Microsoft certainly hopes that the game around its most popular mascot, the Master Chief, will also boost sales of its Xbox Series X/S. According to new information, Halo Infinite will initially be released without the popular co-op mode. The new trailer could be seen at Gamescom.

Best Nintendo Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Switch gamers will have to wait until at least 2022 for their winner. There is no exact release date for the turn-based role-playing game “Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope” yet. But there is a three-minute trailer.

Best PlayStation Game: Elden Ring

The release date for the PlayStation winner is also 2022, but we already know the exact date. The open-world role-playing game “Elden Ring” will be launched on January 21. By the way, it is not a PlayStation exclusive title. The “Gamescom Awards 2021” winner will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Unfortunately, there was no new trailer material at Gamescom so far.

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Best PC Game: “Syberia: The World Before

“Syberia: The World Before” will be released on PCs this year and can even be pre-ordered via Steam. There it is said that the game will be available from December 10. In the adventure game, you slip into the role of both a 17-year-old girl in 1937 and a salt mine worker in 2004. There is already a long gameplay trailer that shows the prologue.


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