“Biomutant” in check – what can the raccoon cat do?

The action role-playing game “Biomutant” promises a post-apocalyptic open-world scenario with impressive graphics. But does the title with its fluffy main character live up to the high expectations?

With its breathtaking post-apocalyptic game world, “Biomutant” already attracted attention in the first trailers. Even before its release, it was clear that it would be difficult to live up to the high expectations of many fans.

Raccoon cat with a mission

“Biomutant” is set in a doomsday scenario where humans have been wiped out. Only mutated animals still live on Earth. The “Tree of Life” still ensures their continued existence in the game, but a poison at the roots threatens the future of the planet. On top of that, the mutant animals are divided into six tribes that are enemies.

Fluffy creature
Small mutant on a big mission: In “Biomutant” you fight as a fluffy creature for or against the world tree. Photo: THQ Nordic/dpa-tmn

In “Biomutant”, the players take on a character in raccoon-cat look, who has to prevail in battles against hostile, mutated other creatures. There are a variety of different weapons to collect. They can later be improved with loot won and a crafting system. The raccoon cat’s abilities can also be increased.

Humans no longer exist
There are no more humans in the colorful post-apocalyptic world of “Biomutant”. Instead, there are many new mutated creatures – some with very unique clothing styles. Photo: THQ Nordic/dpa-tmn

Biomutant copies well-known game mechanics

In “Biomutant”, the developers have packed pretty much everything that works and is fun elsewhere: absurd weapons, fast-paced fights, explosions, vehicles and flying machines, role-playing elements, good/evil decisions, super slow-motion and much more.

Mutated animals
All kinds of mutated creatures inhabit the world of “Biomutant”. Photo: THQ Nordic/dpa-tmn

Players have to be clever with their abilities. The squeaky-colorful open game world is divided into seven very different and colorful areas and numerous underground areas. There are day-night changes, and even the weather is supposed to have an influence on the gameplay.

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“Biomutant” is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox and costs around 60 euros.