Can PS3 games soon be played on the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s current flagship console. Up to the PS4, the device is in any case backward compatible, so it is possible to play games for the 4th generation on the PS5. Could this soon also apply to titles for the PlayStation 3?

Those who are currently lucky enough to already own one of the coveted PS5 consoles can not only play the equally new exclusive titles for the high-end console. All PS4 games also work on the PlayStation 5, but what about older titles, especially from the PS3? In the past few weeks, there have been increasing indications that Sony is working on a solution for PS3 games on the PS5. atechbook gives an overview and assesses the situation.

Rumors of new PlayStation 5 backward compatibility.

The PlayStation 3 was released as a console back in 2006, with its successor, the PlayStation 4, coming out seven years later. Another seven years later, in 2020, the PlayStation 5 followed. Thus, there are a proud 14 years between the two models – and many, many games. PlayStation 5 gamers can already play some of them on the new flagship console. However, older games that were released for the PS3 back then still pose a problem. A popular example is “Prince of Persia”, for example.

In January 2022, some PS3 classics suddenly appeared in the PlayStation Store – even with a price. Among others, the already mentioned “Prince of Persia” and some “Dead or Alive” titles were affected. These rumors were fueled by a patent application from the system architect of the PS5, Mark Cerny.

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New subscription model brings first PS3 classics

The announcement of the new subscription model confirmed at least some of the rumors. The so-called PlayStation Plus Premium, the highest subscription level for 16.99 Euros per month, offers the possibility to play selected PlayStation 3 games via cloud streaming.

Not everyone thinks this is good, the reactions are partly far apart. Among other things, the fact that the corresponding PS3 games can only be streamed and thus no longer belong to the players, pisses off critics. A lack of Internet speed is also an issue for some. Many would much rather see a proper emulator to play older games on the new console.

Is an emulator for PS3 on PS5 planned?

According to industry insider and Gamesbeat writer Jeff Grubb , Sony may well already be working on the project. There is already a solution for the older models – PlayStation and PlayStation 2. According to Grubb, a corresponding emulator for PS3 games is being planned, but it could still take quite a while.

“After talking about it all week, I looked, I asked. It sounds like Sony is working on a PS3 emulator for the PS5. It might take a while.”

Jeff Grubb

The fact that Sony is now putting a paywall on access to older games with the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription unfortunately speaks for this. And even though Grubb is considered a well-connected insider in the industry, the info that Sony is actually working on an emulation for PS3 games on PS5 is by no means official. However, the patent mentioned above supports Grubb’s statement. If necessary, the emulator, just like the cloud streaming variant now, would also only be available to PS Plus Premium subscribers for the time being. atechbook will keep you informed on further developments.


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