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Changeover at Vodafone! This is why some TV channels may be gone

Vodafone wants to harmonize the frequencies of TV stations throughout Germany. This requires adjustments, which are now being implemented. atechbook reveals what customers should bear in mind.

In recent years, Vodafone has taken over cable network operators such as Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland. This also included the TV offerings. This has resulted in a jumble of TV channels and radio programs, some of which run on different regional frequencies. Vodafone therefore announced a while ago that it wanted to align the frequencies and harmonize reception of the stations for its total of more than 13 million TV customers nationwide. Now the changeover has started.

Vodafone harmonizes TV frequencies – what do customers need to be aware of?

In the best case scenario, the changeover of frequencies will go unnoticed by customers in the background. Nevertheless, there are some hints they should pay attention to. As Vodafone reports, the adjustment always takes place at night, although the exact time varies depending on where you live. This is because the network operator works through the regional TV technology locations (hubs) step by step, which takes several months. By April 2023 at the latest, however, the conversion of the TV frequencies should be completed, according to Vodafone.

Due to the adjustments, some TV channels may suddenly no longer be found in their usual broadcasting slot. This will be noticed especially by TV customers who still use older reception devices. Here, Vodafone recommends a channel search after the changeover of the TV frequencies. Also, depending on the device, it may be necessary to adjust favorite lists and reprogram recordings, according to the provider.

Those who use reception devices from Vodafone, Unitymedia and Sky or a current TV set, on the other hand, do not have to take action. Because these devices find the TV stations after the changeover of the frequencies by Vodafone mostly automatically.

How do I find out when the changeover will take place?

According to Vodafone, receivers and cable routers must not be disconnected from the power supply during the nightly changeover of TV frequencies. But how do those affected actually find out when the changeover will take place in their region? On the one hand, Vodafone informs customers by letter about the exact date. On the other hand, the network operator has set up a special page that can be used to find out the exact date of the switchover. Customers have to enter details such as their exact address in a mask.

Another way to find out the date for the changeover of TV frequencies at Vodafone is the Kabel-Helpdesk . This is a help page created by cable customers, on which all dates are listed according to federal state.


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