Channel roulette at Sky – many program slots change

There are currently numerous changes at the pay-TV broadcaster Sky. The latest one neatly mixes up customers’ channels. atechbook reveals which channels are changing places and whether programs are being dropped or added.

Sky is reordering some of its channels. Subscribers who use the linear program via the receiver will notice the changes to the Sky broadcasting slots as early as July 13. This was announced by Sky in its own community forum. Specifically, these look as follows.

Changes to Sky broadcast slots 100 to 199.

In the post, a Sky employee describes that there is a new channel order on the program slots 100 to 199. This applies to all users of Sky receivers (Sky Q, Sky+ or Sky Q Mini as well as all Sky apps). Accordingly, the Sky partner channels of the entertainment package now move together with the free TV channels. In the article, Sky also directly mentions two examples of new broadcasting slots. TNT Serie HD moves back two places from 116 to 118, while the free TV channel Das Erste moves from 181 to 165. Customers can find all other changes in Sky’s program list.

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There are no changes – and many users will be pleased to hear this – to the favorites lists. Channels 1 to 99 will remain unaffected and customers will retain an overview there.

New channels in the sports section (200 to 231)

Already on July 6, 2021, Sky has changed few broadcasting places in the 200 range. Here, with DAZN1 and DAZN2 for satellite customers with DAZN option, there are now two new channels on 239 and 240. Sports fans, however, must also lament a departure. Those who receive Sky via cable will lose the “Sky Sport Austria” channel as of July 20. Until now, the Austrian Soccer Bundesliga has been broadcast on this channel. Sky cites technical problems as the reason. The program will then be available via the Sky Q app, Sky Q Mini or Sky Go.

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What should you keep in mind for the changeover?

Sky has a tip for its customers for the changeover on July 13. According to this, the receiver should not be disconnected from the power supply. The pay TV broadcaster specifies the night from July 12 to July 13 between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. as the relevant period. Secondly, users should not program any recordings during this time.