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Cheap gaming chairs at discount stores – are the offers worth it?

Aldi has two gaming chairs on offer from June 2: The Medion Erazer X89410 and the Druid P10. But what are the two inexpensive chairs really good for and for whom is the offer worthwhile?

The discounter Aldi regularly has other things on offer besides groceries. Two gaming chairs are currently available in the online store of both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. The Medion Erazer X89410 costs 209 Euros, the Druid P10 is even a bit cheaper at 179. atechbook has checked out the Aldi offer.

Two gaming chairs on offer at Aldi

Medion is Aldi’s number 1 electronics brand, and devices from the German manufacturer end up at the discounter time and again. The current gaming chair offer at Aldi is valid from June 2 to July 3, or as long as stocks last. Shipping and, if necessary, returns (within 90 days) are free of charge in this case. Both chairs were already on sale at Aldi, but at higher prices.

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Medion Erazer X89410 – 209 Euro

The Medion Erazer X89410 has an adjustable seat height of 44 to 50 centimeters and measures about 86 centimeters at the backrest. The exact dimensions are accordingly 129.5-135.5 x 58 x 65cm (H x W x D) and are thus exactly on the measure. For comparison: a 1.75-meter-tall person should sit at a height of about 46-47 centimeters, with minor deviations depending on leg length. The seat depth of just over 50 centimeters is very decent and definitely sufficient, but the load capacity of 110 kilograms is a bit below average.

The design of the Erazer X89410 is predominantly black, with some red and blue accents, respectively. The Aldi offer includes both versions of the chair. The smooth faux leather material is well-made and looks chic. However, it is not particularly air-permeable and accordingly gets a bit sweaty during longer gaming sessions. Typical for a gaming chair are the lateral wings on the seat and backrest, which provide additional support. Two additional cushions are also included in the delivery: One for the lower back without a strap and one for the head and neck area with a strap to attach it to the upper back of the chair.

The height-adjustable 3D armrests can be rotated in all directions on the Medion Erazer X89410, which is important for individual posture while gaming. The backrest can also be tilted by 150 degrees and has a built-in rocker function.

Medion Erazer Druid P10 – 179 Euro

The second gaming chair on sale at Aldi from June 2 is also from the Medion Erazer range: the Druid P10 for 179 euros. The seat height, which is also adjustable, has a comparable range of 47-54 centimeters, but smaller people will have problems; in return, it is also a bit lighter at 22 kilograms. The backrest measures 83 centimeters here, and the general dimensions are 125.5-132.5 x 70.5 x 57cm (H x W x D). Thus, the chair offers less seating area to the rear, but more in width and is comparatively light at 22 kilograms. The Druid P10 also has a maximum load capacity of 110 kilograms.

In contrast to the Erazer X89410, the Druid model has a diamond pattern made of artificial leather. This is easy to clean, but not particularly breathable. There are also visual elements on the upper backrest in the form of angled cutouts, which are much more generous, but not at all annoying for the seating comfort. The gaming chair is only available in black; only the discreet logo at the top of the backrest is white. Overall, the whole design is a bit more angular, and the side wings are also more angular than in the comparison model.

The armrests are height-adjustable, but not in 3D and thus not in all directions. In return, the Medion Erazer Druid P10 also has a rocker function and can be tilted 150 degrees backwards.

Is a gaming chair at Aldi worth it?

In the price comparison, it is noticeable that both chairs are significantly reduced. The Medion Erazer X89410 costs 209 Euros at Aldi and is thus significantly below the actual retail price of 299.95 Euros. You also currently pay this much at the manufacturer itself. Either way, it is a good gaming chair – in the case of the Aldi offer, you also get it significantly cheaper than usual.

The Medion Erazer Druid P10 is even more reduced, from 279.95 Euros to 179 Euros. In comparison, the gaming chair offers a bit less comfort, for example, the additional seat cushions and the 3D armrests are missing, but it also costs 30 Euros less. The leather look could also be decisive for a purchase decision: The Xer model has a smooth look, whereas the Druid P10 has a diamond pattern.

Both gaming chairs have a good price-performance ratio and those who are actively looking should take a look at Aldi’s offer. In addition, there is also a three-year warranty from the manufacturer and not just two, as is usually the case. However, the DruidP10 is not recommended for people with a height under 1.70m.


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