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Competitive fun in the living room with Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports” lets you compete in front of your own TV. In addition to classics like tennis or bowling, soccer is also part of the game.

“Wii Sports” was once intended as a free supplement to introduce the console’s new controllers. With its simple gameplay, the title drew friends and family together in front of the console. Nintendo Switch Sports” now wants to build on this success in the current console generation.

With tennis and bowling, two of the most popular sports at the time are returning. In addition, sword fighting, which was already present in Wii Sports Resort, is also part of the game. With soccer, volleyball and badminton, three new disciplines are on offer.

Virtual penalty kick in front of the TV

The game is controlled with the Joycons of the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has changed in the way of playing compared to the predecessor. The controllers imitate the movements of the individual sports, for example by swinging tennis or badminton rackets or throwing bowling balls. In soccer, you can even use your own foot to kick with an included leg strap for the Joycons.

Nintendo Switch Sports” will probably be the most fun in multiplayer mode. In front of their own screen, several players can play against each other or in teams with one Joycon each for victory. But the online mode is also worthwhile: While you climb up the rankings, you can unlock new outfits or sports equipment.

Sporty gaming fun with Nintendo Switch Sports

In terms of exercise, Nintendo Switch Sports won’t be able to replace a full training session on the tennis court or soccer field. But the game is definitely a good substitute for an entertaining, fun competition in your own living room. You don’t have to break a sweat – but you can.

In general, Nintendo Switch Sports 2022 is a real tip for Switch owners. Otherwise, there are various other highlights for the console this year .


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