Cult game console Amiga 500 comes back as mini version

Remakes of well-known old game consoles are trendy. Now the Amiga is coming back as a modernized mini version. Some well-aged gems of video game history are on board.

After the re-release of the C64, Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo consoles such as the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, another icon of computer gaming history is now returning. Retro Games and Koch Media want to launch “The A500 Mini”, a new edition of the 16-bit classic Amiga 500 from the manufacturer Commodore, in miniature format at the beginning of 2022.

Amiga A500 Mini with 25 classic games

With contemporary hardware and digital picture output via HDMI, the A500 Mini can also be connected to modern monitors and TVs. Around 25 classic Amiga games are included in the scope of delivery. According to current information, these include “Battle Chess”, “Simon the Sorcerer”, “ATR: All Terrain Racing”, “Worms: The Director’s Cut” and “Zool:┬áNinja of the ‘nth Dimenstion.”

Users should also be able to load their own files, games or firmware versions onto the device via USB stick. The A500 Mini comes with a replica of the Amiga two-button mouse as well as a gamepad with eight buttons. In addition, a classic keyboard can optionally be connected to the Amiga A500 Mini via USB.

The recommended retail price is said to be 129.99 euros. It is not yet known when exactly the new game console will be released. Neither is it known when interested parties will be able to pre-order it.

This is how good the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES is!

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