Dispose of CDs and DVDs properly

USB sticks and streaming services are increasingly pushing CDs and DVDs off the shelves. Those who are tired of the old disks can put them in the recycling – because they contain high-quality plastics.

CDs and DVDs are now obsolete in many households. But simply putting them in the household waste would be a waste. The raw materials they contain can be recycled. atechbook tells you how to Properly dispose of CDs and DVDs.

What CDs and DVDs are made of

According to the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the once-popular windows are mainly made of polycarbonate, a high-quality and relatively expensive plastic. This can be recycled with little effort and is thus used in new products, for example for medical technology or in the automotive and computer industries.

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Where to properly dispose of CDs and DVDs

The UBA advises disposing of CDs and DVDs at specially designated recycling points. To find out where these are, contact your local waste and environmental authority. If you have a recycling garbage can, you can also dispose of the discs in it – this is a local alternative to the yellow bag or garbage can.

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First delete or destroy data before disposing of them

However, anyone who has stored sensitive data on the disks should render them unusable before disposing of them – ideally by scratching them several times across the width of the readable side. A paper shredder can also help.