Erotic channels that you can receive on TV for free

Entertainment for adults is not only available on the Internet – traditional television also offers its users a selection of unencrypted adult channels.

Sex portals on the net have largely pushed erotic channels out of television. In fact, however, there are still a number of TV stations that offer adult entertainment programs via satellite TV. Some channels can even be watched unencrypted, i.e. free of charge, but many others have to be paid for.


The free channel “Babestation24” says it offers daily live shows between 21:00 and 06:00 the following day. There is also an online live stream.

You can receive Babestation24 via Astra 19.2° East. Simply start a channel scan on your TV or receiver.

Blue Hustler

Every night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., the soft erotic channel “Blue Hustler” goes on the air and (seduces) its viewers to exotic locations. Of course, including all sorts of permissive actresses. For reception, tune your device to the frequency 12.284 megahertz at Eutelsat 9B 9.0°.


The free channel “Fuego” (German: “Feuer”) is one of the last remaining soft erotic channels from Italy, which primarily broadcasts live shows of Italian girls. For a long time, as with many other providers, the ladies in the live shows could only be seen topless, but since mid-May they have now also taken off all their clothes again. Not like the last few months, where they only showed themselves topless. The channel can be found via Hotbird 13.0° on 10.775 megahertz.


Since 2002, the German sports TV channel Sport1 has been showing the so-called Sexy sports clips. These are so popular that they have since been running nationwide as permanent commercials in the night program (usually from 0 o’clock). The program can be found on Astra 19.2°, frequency 12.480 GHz.


German private station Tele5 also features erotic clips daily from 11:00 pm. The program usually starts with an erotic magazine, followed by erotic short films. The channel can be found on Hotbird 13.0°, frequency 11.662 GHz.

Visit X TV

Visit X TV is an erotic channel from Germany. The live recordings of the performers and the movies are therefore often censored. You can receive the channel via Astra 19.2° East.

Vivid Touch SD

Since 2016, Vivid Touch is on the air and shows exclusively softcore movies + clips. The channel was temporarily switched off, but is now back with a new frequency. Between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., the program can be received on Hotbird (13.0°, frequency 12.188 GHz).

You have to pay for these channels

If you dig a little deeper, you can enjoy even more provocative entertainment directly on your TV. Beate-Uhse-TV, for example, is part of the Sky Entertainment package for 12.50 euros. Telekom also offers erotic channels as part of the Magenta package. The so-called “Lounge” option costs 6.95 euros per month.

How to align your satellite dish correctly

Satellite TV is an inexpensive alternative to cable TV, but it also poses problems: there can be picture noise or artifacts if the dish on the roof is not properly aligned. atechbook shows you in the following guide how to properly align your satellite dish.

Protection of minors important

The above is intended for persons over the age of 18, or in exceptional cases, persons 16 and older. Parents should make sure that they do not allow minors to access the channels. Fortunately, this is easier in this case than on the Internet.