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Find the right size TV for the living room

Large televisions are popular. However, they are not suitable for every room. How big a TV should be depends on a number of factors. atechbook explains.

Anyone who wants to buy a new TV usually faces a number of questions. At the top of the list is the question of the optimum size. TV sets between 50 and 55 inches are particularly popular among Germans. And there’s a reason for that. They are also ideal for smaller rooms. But what do you need to consider when choosing the right TV size? atechbook explains.

Finding the right TV size

We give tips on how to find the right TV size for your living room in our video:

Various factors influence the choice

Manufacturers usually specify the size of a TV in inches. One inch corresponds to 2.54 centimeters and refers to the length of the display diagonal. So if a TV has 55 inches, the diagonal is 139.7 centimeters.

When choosing the right TV size, however, it is not only the square meterage of the room that is decisive, but also the distance between the set and the couch. This determines how big the new TV should be. However, other factors play into this, including the resolution of the TV program. Here we explain how you can determine the perfect seating distance for your TV habits:

Guide: The right seat distance to the TV.

In our overview, we assume that users not only watch 4K content, but also TV in HD. With 4K content, a small distance is possible in order to see the picture well. However, this resolution is not yet found in all TVs, since many Full HD models are still sold. Many streaming providers also still broadcast movies and series in HD, and linear TV does not flicker across the screen in 4K either.

Finding the optimal size for the TV

When choosing a new TV, buyers often intuitively reach for the larger models. However, there is a guideline for the perfect screen diagonal. A smart TV should not be too large, because then you may have problems viewing the picture. Therefore, use the following guideline as a guide:

Up to 32 inches

If you have little space or are looking for a TV that you can watch from a short distance, choose a model with a screen diagonal of up to 32 inches or 80 centimeters. Such devices are perfect at a distance of about two meters, for example, in the bedroom or kitchen.

40 to 49 inches

If the distance between the sofa and the TV is about two to two and a half meters, you can go for larger models. TVs with a screen diagonal of 40 to 49 inches are the right choice here.

50 to 58 inches

If, on the other hand, the seating distance is three to three and a half meters, the TV can be somewhat larger. You can confidently go for the popular size of 50 to 58 inches.

65 to 75 inches

Here we are moving into the realm of really big TVs. Even if a small distance is possible in principle with 4K TVs to see the picture well, it is best to sit a bit further away due to the large diagonal of 165 centimeters and more. Because too close to a large TV, the overview is lost, the eyes have to move strongly from one side to the other. We therefore recommend TVs of 65 inches or more, especially for large rooms. Unlike in small rooms, they don’t look so bulky.


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