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Fortnite can now be played on the iPhone again

There is a very good news for gamers: Fortnite can be played on the iPhone again after it was kicked out of the App Store in 2020. With which trick you can play the popular game again, you will learn below.

Hardly anyone would have expected this: After Fortnite was banned from the App Store almost two years ago, iPhone users were no longer able to download the mobile game to their smartphones. Now, thanks to Microsoft, there is a solution again.

Dispute between Apple and Fortnite makers

The reason for the game’s banishment was a dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite. The latter party did not want to accept that Apple claims around 30 percent of the in-app purchases for itself. For this reason, Epic Games rolled out its own payment system via an update. However, this is not allowed by the iPhone manufacturer. This was followed by the banishment from the App Store, as atechbook also reported in detail at the time.

But now back to the present: It is actually possible to play Fortnite on the iPhone or iPad again. This works thanks to Xbox and Microsoft, respectively. With a small but nice trick, the popular free-to-play title can be played on Apple devices. Xbox announced this news in a video.

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This is how easy it is to play Fortnite on the iPhone

And in fact, the plan is relatively simple and quick to implement. All you need is a Microsoft account, a stable Internet connection and should have a device with any browser. Whether it’s an iOS, iPadOS, Android or Windows device is ultimately irrelevant, although the latter can also download and play the game quite regularly at the moment.

If everything is available, you only have to go to the Xbox page in your web browser and log in with the Microsoft account. Another or further membership is not necessary. Xbox and Epic Games have found a loophole here. Apple will not like this at all, especially since they are still in a legal dispute with the Fortnite makers. How the iPhone manufacturer will react to this remains to be seen.

It should be noted that Apple probably cannot do much for the time being. This is because Fortnite is playable in a browser. Accordingly, a download via the App Store is not necessary at all, which means Apple no longer has any jurisdiction in this case.


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