Google puts free retro game on its homepage

Anyone who opens Google’s homepage can currently play a cult-like little game. atechbook reveals what it’s all about.

Google Doodle is a term used by the search engine giant to describe special events that are updated daily and that are displayed in some form on the homepage. Google then processes major events, important anniversaries or other things of great interest in the form of videos, games or texts. Today’s Google Doodle is special because it will be up for seven days. A specially developed retro game for the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games + Japan = sports video game

Japan is considered the country of video games! Nintendo and Sony are from there and the population has always had a heart for gaming. What could be more appropriate than to pick up on this enthusiasm for the topic – in the form of a Google Doodle – for today’s start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Google Doodle
The colorful game world in 90s look Photo: atechbook/ Screenshot

Google has developed a game for this that is reminiscent of the Super Nintendo era in terms of its look. In the iconic 16-bit look, the player controls the cat-like character Lucky through the pixelated upper world. You can join one of four teams (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green) and then collect points for your team in a total of seven Olympic disciplines. These are added up worldwide and can be seen on a board on the southeastern beach.

The disciplines are:

  • Table tennis
  • Skateboarding
  • Archery
  • Rugby
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Climbing
  • Marathon

These are packed into fun and not too difficult mini-games. Most of them can be mastered on the first try.

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Entertaining Google Doodle with some game depth

Even though it’s a temporary mini-game, at least some love is put into the game world called “Island of Champions”. If you want, you can teleport from discipline to discipline and check them off quickly. However, it’s much more fun to explore the island on foot. After all, you can interact with the computer-controlled characters and even complete missions for them. The progress is even saved, as long as you are logged in with your Google account.

All in all, however, the Google Doodle “Island of Champions” should better be placed on the lunch break, after work or on the weekend. One loses oneself because also gladly times 30 minutes in the play world.