Halo Infinite in test – multiplayer top, campaign a flop

The Master Chief is back and once again takes on hordes of enemies. The latest “Halo Infinite” brings a few innovations and an open-world campaign. But more important is the multiplayer mode.

Being such a fresh “Halo” title doesn’t make it easy. Numerous old fans have to be made happy, new ones have to be won and then there is the tough multiplayer competition. All in all, it’s not that easy, but “Halo Infinite” does well.

Let’s not get hung up on too many story details. Roughly speaking: The Master Chief is back and fights on a huge ring against several opponents. Once again, things are bad for humanity and everything is hopeless. So the Master Chief loads up and gets going.

Fans will quickly get into the game, newcomers would first have to familiarize themselves with the extensive vocabulary of the series. There is no introduction to the not exactly simple “Halo” history.

A voyage of discovery for veteran “Halo” fans

Depending on how you play, the single-player campaign will last around 20 hours. In addition to the main story, all kinds of side quests await players who like to take some of the pace out of the game. If you like, you can go exploring in the now partly open world – veteran “Halo” fans should get their money’s worth here. Huge alien buildings, trees, mountains, little story snippets and the always somewhat large ring world on the horizon await. For newcomers and all those who are not completely addicted to the Halo charm, the open world might be a bit disappointing, though. As good as the in-game battles feel, the rest of the campaign gameplay is poor and at times boring.

Pink Spartan
Pink Spartan in an elegant mountain landscape. “Halo Infinite” is a real feast for the eyes. Photo: Xbox Game Studios/dpa-tmn

As you play, you harvest the resource Valor, which unlocks new weapons and vehicles. Yes, vehicles exist, of course, and they are fun. The clever enemy AI and the new grappling hook, which can be used to overcome obstacles or hijack vehicles, are also fun. The soundtrack also sounds good to the ears.

Fans love Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode

The multiplayer mode has been unlocked for a bit longer and has garnered quite a bit of praise from the fan community. Compared to other multiplayer shooters, you start with modest equipment and have to work your way up.

Multiplayer possibilities
“Halo Infinite” comes with extensive multiplayer options. Photo: Xbox Game Studios/dpa-tmn

Roughly speaking, you have the choice between two modes: Rather old-fashioned tactical challenges in a tighter space with fewer players. Or large maps with up to 24 players, vehicle deployment and a lot of focus on cooperation.

Important game element
Big tires, big caliber: The vehicles are an important game element, especially in the multiplayer mode of “Halo Infinite”. Photo: Xbox Game Studios/dpa-tmn

“Halo Infinite” is available for PC and Xbox for around 70 Euros. There will also be a co-op mode for the single-player campaign in early 2022.