How to clean the TV properly?

Grease stains, dust and streaks are the things that mar a TV experience. atechbook explains how to get your TV’s flat screen properly clean.

So that your own living room does not get dusty, regularly wipe all surfaces such as cabinets and tables. You should also not forget about the TV! Not only because dust and dirt impair the picture, but also because the dirt gets inside the device in the long term through the ventilation slots and openings on the back. The consequence: the service life is reduced – possibly even short circuits occur on the circuit boards. Cleaning the TV regularly therefore makes it last longer. atechbook explains what you should always keep in mind.

Switch off the TV before cleaning

Before you start cleaning, you should switch off the device completely or simply pull out the power plug. Was the device in use? Then wait until it has cooled down to room temperature. Always make sure that no moisture or liquids get into the housing during cleaning. Otherwise there is a risk of a short circuit when switching on!

Dry cleaning as permanent care

If you want to keep your TV free of dust in the long term, you should clean it dry once a week. This means without moisture and only with a duster. Fine microfiber cloths are suitable for cleaning. A brush can be used for the small gap between the display and the frame as well as for smaller corners. You can also use it for cleaning the ports on the back.

As an alternative to a brush, there are also so-called compressed air sprays that remove dust from the screen. However, they should be used with caution, because in the worst case scenario, you will transport all the dust inside the device. Especially around ports, openings and the speakers, the compressed air spray is not a suitable solution.

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Is it okay to wipe with a damp cloth?

In general, you should be careful when cleaning electronic devices like televisions with a damp cloth. But every now and then it is necessary. For example, if the layer of dust on the TV is more stubborn, dampen the microfiber cloth slightly. You can use glass cleaner for this in small quantities Рbut always spray it on the cloth and never directly on the device. You should absolutely avoid using typical household products such as vinegar and citric acid, and care products containing ethanol or benzene when cleaning the TV.

For professionals, some manufacturers even offer special screen cleaners. These additionally contain particles for a screen seal. Then there is an invisible protective film on the device, which is particularly dust-repellent.

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All tips summarized

Here again in a nutshell all the points you should consider when cleaning your TV:

  • Switch off the TV and, if possible, unplug it.
  • Wipe the device thoroughly dry with a microfiber cloth
  • For wet cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth and then wipe the TV dry – never spray cleaning spray directly onto the TV!
  • Always refrain from using harsh cleaning agents!