Ingenious trick keeps the keyboard clean

Crumbs and dust between the keys are pretty disgusting. atechbook tells you how to clean the keyboard easily with a commercial sticky note.

Keyboards are used every day, but almost never cleaned. Therefore, dirt and germs accumulate not only on, but also next to, between and under the keys. This is not only unhygienic, but can under certain circumstances also lead to the keyboard no longer working properly. atechbook shows you in the video above how to clean the spaces between the keyboard with a commercially available sticky note.

And this is how it works:

Simply go through the gaps of the keyboard with the sticky note. Carefully clean sticky keys with a damp cloth.

Clean the keyboard with sticky notes
The thin piece of paper easily gets into the small spaces on the keyboard. Photo: atechbook

After only a short time, dust and crumbs collect on the adhesive surface. Then simply repeat with a new sticky note until there is no more dirt. Turn the sticky note with the adhesive side around, so that you can clean the keys of the keyboard from both sides.

Clean the keyboard with sticky notes
Dirt collects on the sticky side of the sticky note. Photo: atechbook

The rest of the computer is also dirty

Not only the keyboard, but the whole computer itself can degenerate into a real virus-hole over time if you don’t clean it regularly. Would you have known that a simple lady’s stocking can help to get the fan clean again? Or that an eyeglass cleaning cloth is perfect for the display? atechbook has picked out the 5 best tips for computer cleaning for you.

What to do if the keyboard breaks?

It’s not just the keys that can easily break on a keyboard – the feet are quickly gone, too. Here, too, atechbook has a tip on how you can solve the problem with a normal staple