Major update for the Nintendo Switch – all innovations at a glance

Nintendo delivers updates for the Switch console at regular intervals. With the update to version 14.0.0, however, there is now another major update.

The past updates for the Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite were not exactly extensive. Apart from system adjustments, the manufacturer usually did not provide any details. Therefore, it is all the more pleasing that there is now an update to version 14.0.0 with concrete innovations. Among other things, it brings a folder function for the game collection.

Nintendo brings folders to the Switch interface

Anyone who currently starts the Nintendo Switch (OLED) or the Lite version will automatically be notified of the update with the version number 14.0.0. It installs itself in a short time and restarts the console afterwards. The new firmware features are then available.

Among other things, it is then possible to sort Switch games into folders. Nintendo calls the function “Groups”. Unfortunately, it is not available on the home screen, but only in the software menu. Moreover, it can only be used when at least 13 different games have been played on the Switch. 12 of them are listed next to each other on the home screen, and the “All Software” button appears on the far right of the scroll menu for every additional game. The groups can be created in the form of folders via this in the future.

On its website, Nintendo explains how the groups can be created on the Switch. Users scroll to the right on the home screen and click on the “All Software” field. Here, all Switch games that were previously inserted into the console or downloaded online by the user are listed in tiles. Previously, the games could only be sorted by “last played”, “playtime”, “title” or “publisher”. With the Switch update 14.0.0, however, it is now possible to create and view groups via the L button.

To create a group, press the plus button. Afterwards, you can select which games you want to include in the folder from all the listed games. Once the games are selected with a click, “Next” takes you to the next step, where you have the option to sort the order of the games in the folder. Another click on “Next” leads you to the last step – naming the group. A maximum of 100 groups can be created this way, each with up to 200 titles.

Innovation for Bluetooth headphones

Another new feature that the Switch update to 14.0.0 brings concerns the use of Bluetooth headphones. The ability to connect headphones wirelessly to the Switch via Bluetooth was introduced by Nintendo with the update to version 13.0.0 in September 2021. Now it will be optimized.

In the future, Switch players will be able to adjust the volume while gaming directly via the volume control of the headphones. Until now, this was only possible directly via the console, which was quite inconvenient. At the same time, Nintendo has raised the maximum volume.

However, there are restrictions here as well. In order to control the volume directly on the headphones, they have to support the AVRCP profile. AVRCP stands for “Audio Video Remote Control Profile” and is used to remotely control audio or video devices.┬áThe profile is supported by a wide range of headphones, including models from Anker, Sennheiser, Sony and Huawei.

How the update comes to the Switch console

Nintendo provides new firmware versions via the Internet. Usually, the Switch downloads them automatically as soon as the console is turned on and connected. The update process can take a few minutes – depending on the download size – and may require a restart of the Switch. If an update is not displayed automatically, users can search for it via the menu. The system settings under “Console” and “System Update” not only show the current system version and available updates, but the latter can also be triggered manually with a few clicks.