New PS5 console turned up in Australia and the U.S.

Did you know that there are not only software updates for the PS5? Sony also keeps making small hardware adjustments. It first surfaced an upgraded PS5 console in Australia – now in the U.S., too.

Software updates are usually announced in a big way and provided with patch notes. PS5 users should finally know what will change. This is apparently not the case for potential buyers of a new console. Because many probably don’t even know that Sony also makes adjustments to the consoles. The reasons for this vary. However, discovering bugs, user feedback and changing production methods are probably the most common reasons. So it could be that someone who buys their console just a short time later than someone else already gets an improved PS5 model.

PS5 with change in stand and weight

There were first hints of an adapted PS5 back in July. However, these could not be confirmed further. Initially, reports from Australia suggested that the first consoles customized by Sony were already in stores. Now they have also been spotted in the US.

The “new” PS5 doesn’t feature any change in performance. These are minor adjustments, but they literally carry weight. Accordingly, the new models of the digital-only variant weigh only 3.6 kilograms instead of 3.9 kilograms. However, it is not yet clear where the weight saving comes from.

Another change is already more noticeable. Namely, the improved PS5 has a new screw in the stand. That doesn’t really sound important at first. However, users will notice the difference at the latest when they want to unscrew the stand. In the old version, you still needed a screwdriver. With the improved PS5, you can remove the stand without tools and screw it back on.

How can you tell that it is a new version?

You won’t have to weigh the consoles in the future or tear open the box to check the screw. The PS5 consoles come with a new model number, which is already written on the packaging. In Australia and the US, this is “CFI-1102A”.

It is not yet clear when the models will be available in Germany. Those interested in the PS5 shouldn’t really be picky anyway. For the time being, you have to take what you get. After all, the supply situation is still tight in this country.

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