New Sky receiver brings not only advantages

Sky presents a completely new product. Sky Q is now available on TV via IPTV thanks to a new receiver. atechbook explains what advantages and restrictions users have.

Until now, Sky Q users had two types of receivers to choose from. Depending on the type of reception, they could choose either a cable or a satellite receiver. At a press conference, the pay-TV broadcaster now presented a new product. Sky Q is now also available via IPTV, i.e. the Internet. It comes with a small, handy receiver. However, the new offering is still lagging behind somewhat at the start.

The functions of the new IPTV box for Sky Q

There are no big surprises with the new reception channel and the associated receiver. Rather, it is an alternative to the existing satellite and cable solutions. But there may still be advantages for customers. Not every tenant can use satellite dishes, and cable connections are not available everywhere. IPTV is the perfect solution exactly then.

The Sky Q IPTV Box has a LAN port, but it can also be connected via Wi-Fi. The dimensions are extremely compact. At 10.8 x 10.8 x 1.7 centimeters, the box is reminiscent of an old Apple TV.

Users of the IPTV box receive 80 channels, consisting of free TV, partner and Sky channels. Popular private channels like RTL are available in HD. Sky recommends at least a 6 Mbit/s line.

Receiver does not yet have all functions

At the launch of the new Sky Q box, users will not yet get all the features. For example, there will be no UHD programming. Sky justifies the step of only offering HD channels for the time being as follows: They want to do it right and ensure full functionality.

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The broadcaster also provides the same justification for the second missing function. First of all, it is not possible to record broadcasts. However, the box basically has both the option to show UHD and to record. Both features will probably follow at some point. Until then, you can still use the media libraries instead of recordings.

New “Sky Q IPTV Box” comes with subscription and for everyone

As with the other reception types, the cheapest subscription starts at 12.50 euros per month. This runs for 12 months and can be canceled monthly thereafter. Based on the basic price, users can add various packages. Here, too, everything remains the same.

  • Soccer Bundesliga (+12.50 euros)
  • Sky Sport (+5 euros)
  • Sky Cinema (+10 euros)
  • Entertainment Plus/Netflix (+7.50 euros)
  • Sky Kids (+5 euros)
  • Multiscreen package (+10 euros)
  • Sky Go Plus function (+5 euros)

Depending on the contract, existing customers can also switch to the new Sky Q IPTV box.